Carolina Herrera Resort 2018

“A conversation between flowers.”

For the Resort 2018 collection, maison Carolina Herrera looks to its roots (as well as the flowers). Touted “a conversation between flowers,” the new looks are inspired by the gardens of La Vega, the Herrera family estate in Venezuela.

Capturing the essence of the vibrant bougainvillea, jasmine and freesia from the estate, the collection blooms with dramatic combinations of colours, shapes and textures. Bright, crisp colours along with embroideries and prints adorn a wide array of material and silhouettes, from classic silk blouses and shirt dresses with dropped waists to a tiered architectural black and white tulle gown, all of the pieces aptly capturing the feminine elegance.


You can never go wrong with a Carolina Herrera bag and here are a few suggestions from us.

Carolina Herrera Insignia Bag

The Insignia project was born to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the House of Herrera and has since evolved beyond its original bracelet idea. The Insignia Bag possess a delicate and unique design whose distinctive feature is a metal handle based on the original bracelet and plated in silver, gold or ruthenium to give it character.

Carolina Herrera Micro Bag

The irresistible Micro Bag collection requires more care and attention than ever, making the manufacturing process inversely proportional to their size. Professional artisans work in the brand’s own ateliers in Spain to handmake all the delicate bags in the range.

The Micro Bimba Bag and the Micro Duke Bag (L-R).

To find out more about the vibrant Carolina Herrera Resort 2018 collection as well as the quirky bags, please visit
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