Behold, The Secret To Youth

Created from noble ideals, Sothys is determined to make every woman ‘a jewel among jewels.’

With a reputation of more than 70 years, Sothys is no stranger in a sea of professional skin care brands. Starting with its humble roots in 1946, Dr Max Hotz, a trained physicist and biologist, sought to find a cure for burn victims after the end of World War II. He succeeded in creating a medicinal cream for burnt skin and later pioneered Sothys, a French beauty institute with its own line of products for exclusive customers.

An analogy to the mystical Fountain of Youth, Sothys released a new line of high-performance serums, the Youth Serums. Developed through cutting-edge technology, these serums will make those wrinkles disappear and give you that 10-years-younger look.

The Unifying Youth Serum and Detoxifying Anti-Free Radical Youth Serum (L-R)

Unifying Youth Serum

Inspired by lasers and LEDs that eliminate skin imperfections, this serum’s creamy texture effectively blurs out dark spots, pores and pigmentations, leaving you with a flawless visage.

Detoxifying Anti-Free Radical Youth Serum

Designed to cleanse your skin of free radicals, this serum boosts your cells’ defences against fatigue wrinkles and gives you a rejuvenated and fresh complexion.

The Wrinkle-specific Youth Serum and Firming-specific Youth Serum (L-R)

Wrinkle-specific Youth Serum

As the name goes, this soft liquid serum erases wrinkles and fine lines, leaving your skin smooth and silky.

Firming-specific Youth Serum

Saggy and slack features are tightened and improved with this stretch-effect gel serum, creating a firm, vibrant and young look.

The Reconstructive Youth Serum and the Perfect Shape Youth Serum (L-R)

Reconstructive Youth Serum

The gel balm texture of this serum adds a softening and plumping effect to the skin, leaving the skin hydrated and nourished to make it healthy and invigorated.

Perfect Shape Youth Serum

From reshaping to protecting facial contours, the enveloping texture of this serum will firm tissues up and create the perfect, desired oval shape for your face.

Sothys Youth Serums are available exclusively at all Sothys salons and kiosks in Malaysia retailing from RM450 to RM490. For more information please head to the official website at


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