Cool Imperial Flavours

Maisons Moët & Chandon and Hennessy introduce new exclusive beverages that redefine the word ‘imperial.’

When big  brands like Moët & Chandon and Hennessy launch their new liquors in the same year, you know something amazing is coming your way. Crafted from skilful hands, the Moët Ice Imperial and Hennesy Paradis Imperial will rock your drinking experience and immerse you in an indulgence you never realise you needed.

Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial

Moët & Chandon has been introducing a wide selection of unique wines to be enjoyed in every occasion since its establishment in 1743. In 2017 now, they show the world how to beat the heat with their new Moët Ice Imperial.

The new Moët & Chandon champagne is perfect for cooling off when it’s hot.

The Moët Ice Imperial is a masterpiece created from a unique blend of grapes, bursting with vibrant flavours and intense, fruity aromas. Tantamount to Moët’s singular ‘on-ice’ savoir-faire, simply adding three sizable ice cubes to a large glass of Moët Ice Imperial is enough to unleash a relaxing, chilling effect that will deliver your taste buds the ultimate satisfaction.

This new champagne is perfect for poolside brunches, rooftop barbecues and restaurant dinners on those sweltering nights.

Hennessy Paradis Imperial

Since its origins in the French region of Cognac, Hennessy has held a 250-year-long history, perpetuating a journey of adventure, discovery and cultivation of the best that nature and man can offer throughout the ages.

Following Hennessy’s values in upholding their creations, Yann Fillioux, the seventh generation of Master Blenders from the Fillioux family, presents his magnum opus, the Hennessy Paradis Imperial.

For the first time, Hennessy launches a worldwide advertising campaign in 12 cities to unveil the one and only Hennessy Paradis Imperial. With origins based on eaux-de-vie, known as the French term for ‘water of life,’ Hennessy Paradis Imperial embodies the apex of the Hennessy art of selection.

The Hennessy Paradis Imperial provides the premium indulgence for your fine drinking enjoyment.

The Hennessy Paradis Imperial is the personification of unique, crafted from the finest selection of Hennessy’s eaux-de-vie and stored in oak casks to create its light structure and delicate yet persistent finish. Edged with a smoky, spicy accent, the celadon-tinged golden cognac is redolent with floral notes as fresh and fragrant as spring.

The Hennessy Paradis Imperial is available directly from at Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. at a price of RM8,838 inclusive of GST.

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