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Local duo Jaggfuzzbeats brings good old rock to the Malaysian music scene.

They just released their debut album this year, but Jaggfuzzbeats (or JGFZBTS) sure is rocking their way through the music scene. Founded in 2014, the band consists of Azrul Zainal (guitar, vocals) and Omar Aiman (drums). Their music ranges from folk rock to alternative and is influenced by great bands like The Strokes, The Black Keys, and Kings of Leon. To make it simple, they just call themselves an indie band.

The band currently records at Melodiya Recordings, located in Putra Heights.

Their album Rest Now was released online in January while the physical copies were dropped last May and has attracted new fans (including us) to their music.

“It’s been quite exceptional so far actually, there have been new people approaching us and we never really thought people would be into it,” says the lead singer Azrul.

Containing eight tracks with a unique sound to each one, the album features the radio-hit song “Symmetry.”  Some of the songs in the album were written years ago back in their high school days and the rockstars are glad that the public can finally hear their music.

“We wanted to give justice to the songs. And then just put them to rest. Hence the name of the album,” explains Azrul laughingly.

Although the pair formed a band quite early, it wasn’t until late 2015 when the talented twosome started recording their music professionally at Melodiya Recordings.

“Before this we just recorded at my house. We posted them up on SoundCloud, so a lot of those songs were very raw. We didn’t really have much knowledge in it frankly, but we tried our best. From there, people just started to get to know us and we started posting a lot of songs. And that’s when we decided we want to make an album. We wanted a proper approach to it,” explains Azrul.

Their visuals may appear dark and sombre but the rock duo is in fact humble and very jovial.

The rock duo from Shah Alam will be performing at the Good Vibes Festival this year which is lined with notable acts such as Phoenix, The Kooks, and Kodaline. They shared with us their reactions when they got the news.

“I’m still kind of shooked actually. I was really surprised because there are a lot more awesome bands out there and to be selected is a great honour,” exclaims Azrul, while Omar recounts he was jumping when the poster came out. “It was exciting because we actually went to the festival last year. That was the first time we went to Good Vibes and I just thought to myself ‘Wow I need to play this one day’ and to get it so soon is amazing.”

So, what does ‘Jaggfuzzbeats’ actually mean?

“Jaggfuzzbeats comprises three names that represent the elements in our songs. There is a reference to a Fender Jaguar, which is most commonly called as ‘the Jagg’. And then ‘fuzz’ is from the effects pedals and then ‘beats’ is Omar. So it’s kind of like a really direct representation of us,” clarify the band.

Get your tickets here to catch them live at the Good Vibes Festival 2017 on 13th August.

Visit Jaggfuzzbeats’ Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know more about them.

You could also stream their songs below and get hooked!


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