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Serving fusion dishes that stay authentic to their roots is Chocha.foodstore of Petaling Street.

Chocha.foodstore plays one of the main roles in the recent revival of Chinatown, drawing in foodies from near and far to taste its locally steadfast fusion dishes. As part of the new age eateries and bars in the vicinity, the restaurant delivers the authenticity with a side of quirkiness that millennials crave, while providing the comfort that Petaling Street veterans seek. UPPRE paid a visit to Chocha.foodstore recently, courtesy of proprietor Mr. Shin, and not only marvelled at the dishes but took the time to take in the uniquely bona fide ambience as well.

The word ‘chocha’ means “sit down and drink tea” in Hakka.
The eatery once stood as a hotel cum brothel called Mah Lian Hotel.
Chocha.foodstore serves unique fusion dishes – expect chicken fried with salted egg yolk and other equally interesting offerings.
MentahMatter, the design studio responsible for Chocha.foodstore has set up office upstairs.
The refurbished building dates back to the 1920s and even has a traditional bicycle workshop exhibit.
Chocha is owned by the founder of MentahMatter design studio, Shin Chang, with two other partners.

For more information on Chocha.foodstore, please visit their Facebook page here.

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