Western Australia Awaits, Mate!

Western Australia stands out with its attractions of both the natural and edificial kinds.

Good food, picture-perfect beaches, fun that never stops – if you’re looking for all that, Perth is the right place for you.

Following its redevelopment in 2012, Perth has experienced a boom in the tourism and hospitality industry: more hotels have been opened and more gourmet food and drinks were introduced to the public than ever before.

A vacation in Western Australia is bound to be entertaining and exciting. Dubbed ‘The City of Lights’, Perth is a place where urban meets rural, where picturesque landscapes meet vibrant lights and energetic bars.

Perth is a contemporary and bustling city with plenty to see.

Margaret River and The South West

The South West is a hotspot for a wide biodiversity with breath-taking sceneries and plenty of fun outdoor activities to do as well.

  • Take a walk down Busselton Jetty, the longest wooden jetty in the world. It looks more beautiful in the evening, with lights bordering the edges , reflecting on the surface of the sea, where you’ll feel as though you are in a dream.
Lights lining the entire pier turn it into a magical display.
  • Margaret River is a town set against the backdrop of an ocean and forest. There is much to see in this lively and animated place with its great restaurants, bars and live music, offering some of the best nightlife in the region. Visit beautiful vineyards, premium wineries, and picturesque forests. You can also take a shot at surfing or swim with dolphins in the ocean.
View of Vasse Felix vineyard.
  • Or head to Majimup to join the Truffle-Hunting Contest for the weekend. This event showcases the region’s premium rare black winter truffles and other tasty culinary dishes in the surrounding area.
Truffles produced by The Truffle & Wine Co, Manjimup.

Exmouth and The Coral Coast

As the closest fringing reef to shore, taking a snorkel through a rich and wondrous coral garden teeming with marine life is as easy as wading in from the beach of Exmouth Coral Bay. It is also the only and most reliable place to swim with the gentle whale shark (March to July) and the humpback whale (August to October).

The Ningaloo Marine Park beholds wonders one must explore.

Esperance and the Golden Outback

The Golden Outback is a vast and sprawling landscape, with amazing deserts and salt lakes, to wild woodlands to some of the whitest beaches in the world. Set against a magnificent blue sky, there is so much to explore of the outback’s history, culture and nature.

  • Visit Australia’s world-class site at Lake Ballard to see the renowned Gormley Sculptures. These sculptures were inspired by British artist Antony Gormley after spending time with the Aboriginals.
One of the Gormley Sculptures stands across the salt lake, Lake Ballard.
  • Or head over to Wave Rock, a rock formation that resembles a giant undulating wave, and other impressive rocks formations. The rocks in this area are believed to have formed from millions of years of erosion.
Wave Rock, Hyden.
  • Lake Hillier, Esperance is also a must-see as it is the only lake in the world to be entirely pink! Besides enjoying the view of the bubblegum-pink lake, horse-riding, scuba diving, whale-watching (May to October), and windsurfing are among the few things you can do in Esperance.
Lake Hillier near Esperance
  • If you are more interested in something cultural, you can head to Wagin Historical Village, where you can relive the early settler days of the 1800s. Originally started by volunteers in 1978, this village is now the largest and best social history museum in Western Australia.
Experience what it felt like to be in the 1800s at Wagin Historical Village.

Broome and The North West
Indulge in nature in this extraordinary part of Australia with its awe-striking gorges and resplendent unique horizontal waterfalls.

  • Delight in relaxing cruises across mesmerising waters. Many luxury cruises await you in Broome, ready to bring you along the dramatic coast of the region.
A cruise of a lifetime that will steal your breath away.
  • Stroll along the beach in style by riding a camel along Cable Beach and basking in the backdrop of ochre cliffs and turquoise waters. The beach is also a perfect place for picnicking, swimming, sun-bathing, and beach-combing.
View of Cable Beach during a splendorous evening.
  • Have a breath-taking adventure as you explore Karijini National Park. Massive mountains and gorgeous gorges make up the sceneries, and plenty of unique flora and fauna await in the region to be discovered.
A dip in Fern Pool is a dream come true, with striking red rock formations and lush greenery around.

A gem in its own way, Western Australia is a must-go destination for nature lovers and those seeking something refreshing beyond their comfort zones.

For more information, you can visit their website.

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