A Weekend With Krug Champagne

The House of Krug opens its doors for an evening of champagne, good food and music.

They say, good wine comes with age. The House of Krug delivers that saying exactly.

The Krug brand was originally created by Joseph Krug who dreamt of offering champagne every year, regardless of the annual climate variations. After years of research in the art of wine-making, he eventually penned down all his beliefs and ideas in a notebook which stands as a display in the Krug family abode, the House of Krug.

The magnificent House of Krug.

For 173 years, the values and visions of the Krug family have been preserved and enriched, and is currently maintained by the sixth generation of the Krug family, Olivier Krug and the House’s Cellar Master, Eric Lebel.


Olivier Krug, the sixth generation member of the Krug family.
Eric Lebel, the House of Krug’s Cellar Master and the mind behind Krug Grande Cuvee.

The creation of each edition of the Krug Grande Cuvee is a complex and delicate process, headed by Eric Lebel. He begins the process by choosing from the few hundreds of base wines to ensure the blend of different aromas and flavours produces excellent champagne in the end.

The Krug Grande Cuvee is created through experience and time.

Every year, the bottles of the newly created Krug Grande Cuvee will be stored in cellars for seven years to gain its rich taste and finesse, while the previous Edition will be taken out to be savoured by guests.

Champagne connoisseurs will enjoy the new tastes that each Edition of Krug Grande Cuvee brings.

This year, the House of Krug hosts Krug World Festival 2017 to celebrate the creation of the 172nd Edition of the Krug Grande Cuvee and the discovery of a new Edition as it leaves the cellars to be enjoyed by the whole world. The festival covers three different countries, France, United Kingdom, and Japan, each lasting for two days.

In France, the festival was celebrated at the House of Krug, Reims from the 20th to 21st June 2017. Performances from artists Lianne La Havas, Sly Johnson and Jacky Terrasson were paired with exquisite dishes by three-Michelin-star chef Arnaud Lallement to provide guests with an exquisite and unforgettable evening.

British soul singer-songwriter, Lianne La Havas made the evening a pleasant one with her sultry voice.
Sly Johnson brought his talent to the Krug World Festival 2017.
Jazz pianist Jacky Terrasson added a relaxing touch to the evening.
Arnaud Lallement, Krug’s master chef, brought guests through a journey of great gastronomy and Krug Champagnes.

Krug Lovers who missed the festival in United Kingdom during the last weekend of July 2017 can still be a part of it in Japan at the end of September 2017. Book your flight now with Cathay Pacific for an auditory adventure!


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