Lights, Camera, HACTION!

Six shorts, exploring six different facets of Malaysia.

Commemorating Malaysia’s 60th year of Independence, Panasonic Malaysia partnered with HATCH (a YouTube channel under Media Prima’s Studio8), to present HACTION! Shot on LUMIX GH5. HACTION! is a short film competition that brought six Malaysian filmmakers to relive the journey of Malaysia’s achievements and national pride over the last six decades.

That’s Sherwynn with the Panasonic LUMIX GH5, with Ahmad Izham Omar (left; Chief Executive Officer of Primeworks Studios); Hiroyuki Muto (second from right; Deputy Managing Director, Panasonic Malaysia) and Low Ngai Yuen (actress, director, producer, TV show host).

As for the “… Shot on Lumix GH5” bit? That’s the competition’s criteria – the filmmakers are given Panasonic LUMIX GH5 cameras to use for their respective entries. Each contestant, shortlisted based on their different styles and genres, were tasked to produce a short video (a maximum of 5 minutes) that highlights Malaysia. They were given RM 4,000 for production and 30 days to get it done.

Watch each entry, and you’ll find a different thought-provoking aspect of Malaysia in the present.

For the 5th runner up, you get Dexter Lo’s Big Tea Rice – a conversation very relevant to our current time:


4th runner up Zul Luey’s Unsunk Heroes speaks of being an agent of change:


For a nostalgia-filled trip, take a look at 3rd runner up Aliff Zulkifli’s NegaraKu:


Meanwhile, Amanda Nell Eu’s Fu Xin De Ren – which placed her as the 2nd runner up – is part audience participation (that is, if you’re in a theatre), part fourth-wall breaker, and part observational theatre:


1st runner up Wong Sai Meng’s Pride explores what makes us proud to be Malaysian:


Finally, for the winning entry of HACTION!, you have the action-heavy Aku Masih Ingat by Sherwynn Victor:


Sherwynn received a complete set of the Panasonic LUMIX GH5, accessories and a cash prize of RM 8,000. The HACTION! series is available for viewing on the Hatch YouTube channel.

The winners of HACTION! with the judges.

And on that note, we here at UPPRE would like to take this opportunity to say, Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia.

You ain’t perfect, but you a’ight.

*This post has been updated for clarity and conciseness.

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