Shimmer and Shine With Swarovski

Swarovski spices up modern glamour with an extraordinary twist, inspired by the excitement and creative energy of the city life.

From Creative Director Nathalie Colin, Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2017/18 Urban Fantasy Collection is the embodiment and exploration of the multifaceted woman. Let me tell you why.

For the upcoming fall, Swarovski presents a brand new collection of jewellery and accessories that incorporates contemporary architecture, weaving organic lines and wavy movements to create a cool and chic look.

Harmony by Jourdan Dunn and Fei Fei Sun

Organic lines and wavy movements interweave to offer everyday cool sensuality accented by soft neutral shades in this exquisite range.


Iconic Swan




Entertainment by Ruby Rose

To herald the arrival of winter, bright lights serve as the inspiration for the dynamic and playful Winter Collection. This collection blends digital tints, pixel patterns and metallic silver tones that bring out the high-shine in these fabulous gems. Featuring neon colours and emoji-inspired pieces, fashion is taken to a new level with a quirky combination of modern entertainment, urban gaming and virtual communication. This collection also showcases radiant dark shades for a classy night out while star shapes, geometric illuminations and sparkles reimagine a sky of stunning fireworks.

Angelic Square





Slake Express

Celebration by Jourdan Dunn and Fei Fei Sun

The Holiday Collection centres on the enchanting theme of Crystal Wonderland, putting the spotlight on elegant gold, emerald and silver tones.


Aila Mini



Remix Collection

But Swarovski has more to offer, with the introduction of the Remix Collection: an innovative collection designed to suit multiple occasions.

Two of Swarovski’s Remix bracelets – from casual to elegant. (L-R)

Thanks to invisible magnetic closures, this collection opens up to millions of combinations and exciting new ways to wear Swarovski’s jewellery strands, ranging from bracelets to this season’s must-have chokers.

With the Remix’s versatile and customisable concept, every woman can rock their unique and inimitable chic style.

Swarovski’s Urban Fantasy Collection promises adventures for the modern woman, exploring every facet of style that she has with sophistication and glamour.

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