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For most of us there comes a time in our lives when we stop and think: What am I doing in life? What is my purpose? What can I do to help others? One such person who had those thoughts until recently was Andrea Chooi, who was distraught and in need of a support group. Then, owing to the enlightening powers of the Internet, Andrea discovered Soul Rich Woman, a women empowerment platform founded by renowned businesswoman Genecia Luo, and her life has never been the same again. This is their story told in their own words.

Hailing from Singapore, Genecia Luo has done and seen it all. From walking as a beauty queen to being in a six-figure debt, the resolved entrepreneur has been through the worst of situations. Becoming an aerobics instructor at fourteen years old and then being swindled out of her money by her business partner has taught Genecia many lessons in life. Now, she wants to impart these lessons to other women in need of them, who could tremendously benefit from them, and thus Soul Rich Woman is born.

How did you come across Soul Rich Woman?

Andrea: It was last year when I was on the Internet looking for ways to take my business to the next level and I was searching for someone who could teach me and guide me in my business. Then Genecia’s Facebook ad popped up and it was a story of her life and how she had transformed from being in a 6-figure debt to where she is now. But it’s not so much on business alone, she is also serving others in the process. And that struck me that it’s not just about me – I can do my business but I also can empower people in the process. And there is self-satisfaction in that so I jumped on board. Then suddenly, in January, Genecia wanted to come to Malaysia and she said, “Andrea, can you step up and help me organise an event?” I never actually met her until the day of the event which I did take charge to organise.

Genecia: Yeah we never met each other in person until then because  we’ve only talked to each other through Facebook. That’s how I got connected with Andrea – when she commented on my Facebook Live.

How did you get the idea to start Soul Rich Woman?

Genecia: Well, I’ve been through pretty much a lot in my life. I had to support myself through school since I was 14. I have a brother who is quite younger than me. So, you know, I have to be that role model and leader in the family. It’s been tough because, can you imagine waking up for school at 5 am, then finishing school at 3 pm and after that going to teach yoga, aerobics, line-dancing? I did that until I graduated.

Yeah, so I put myself through school while supporting the family, so it’s tough, right, and then in recent years, I went through a 6 figure debt and you know, I realised that there is so much we can give. At one point I was depressed, I was suicidal and I wanted to end everything. That’s when a kind soul helped me out of my predicament and problems.

Once I was in a better position mentally and financially, I immediately decided that women should not be alone going through all these things. I wanted there to be an opportunity for us to connect so that we can share and learn not just from trial and errors of our own, but by looking at the trials and errors of others too so that we can learn from these collective experiences and move forward. And that’s how I started Soul Rich Woman. Currently I do a lot of live sharing about the network, not just on Facebook, through Periscope, through Google Hangouts and Shared Business as well.

I started Soul Rich Woman so that women can shortcut their process to success. People often mistake Soul Rich Woman as just for business, but we are also working at ‘what success means to a person’. – Genecia Luo

Tell us more about Soul Rich Woman and what it is about.

Genecia: Soul Rich Woman is in reality a networking platform with different aims. However, because of my background in business, I began by doing a lot of business-sharing and I’ve attracted the business crowd to the network – but through the business angle, we’ve realised that our members are all multi-faceted with multiple talents. For example, our member Valerie is very much into parenting and helping women overcome domestic issues. So, she also wants to help women to step out and move forward. Through her life story, we can reach more people. For example through my life story I can reach 100, Valerie can reach another 100, and Andrea can reach another 100. So we want to come together because there’s power in numbers. Collectively we can reach out to more people and enrich the lives and souls of more women. Be it traditional methods or social media, we’re on it.

Andrea Chooi and Genecia Luo (L-R).

How did the name Soul Rich Woman come about? How were you inspired to use that name?

Genecia: Because, first of all, a woman is not just looking at money, but also needs to be rich on the inside as well as outside. I mean, because for me I believe in creating wealth through passive income like business, and more often than not I see women who are rich but unhappy and then there are those who are very happy but have no money. So it kind of appears as if women are not deserving to have it all, that they are not worth that abundance. So I wanted to put together a name that allows people to understand that you need to be soul rich, and you need to be rich in wealth, and rich in overall being.

So Soul Rich Woman is a noun that describes a lady who creates a business and generates recurring passive income through businesses. We’re not called “Soul Rich Women”, we are called “Soul Rich Woman”. So I’m a Soul Rich Woman and Andrea’s a Soul Rich Woman, and I have received a lot of feedback, positive feedback through the name that it is catchy. They say that they feel a sense of belonging just by the name itself because it describes them and it’s a vision for them to live a happier life, a more fulfilled life.

What are the activities that you have in store for members now? What could people expect to learn when they sign up?

Genecia: There are two ways to learn. First is a membership funnel. So they come in through membership sign ups, and it can be from Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia or anywhere else – all you have to do is apply online. Once you’ve applied, you go into the membership area where there are different programs catered to women in terms of business, marketing, mindset, and many more. This membership lasts for a year.

The second area is offline, which is on-the-ground events. In this category we have two types: one is the master class, which is a short 90-minutes networking event, and the other is the full day variety, which encompasses in-depth learning with panellists, where we invite other successful women to come on board and speak. Earlier on, I had a radio interview, so after that I invited the presenter to be our panellist as well because she is also into women empowerment and like I said, we cannot do it alone. You know, no man is an island and no woman is an island either, so we just want to put people together and reach out to more people.

When you’re not talking about work or leads, do the members get to go out and have other extra-curricular activities?

Andrea: We do!

Valerie: Yes, we do, especially us in KL.

Andrea: We build friendships along the way and through these friendships, we reach out to other people as well. We can never have too many friends. And through the friendships, we help whoever we can along the road and if one day we have a need, we don’t know who will help us back, right?

What is the common misconception people have of Soul Rich Woman?

Genecia: I started Soul Rich Woman so that women can shortcut their process to success. People often mistake Soul Rich Woman as just for business, but we are also working at ‘what success means to a person’. Success is not about making 1 million dollars. Because it’s too much of a cliché out there by saying that you got to make 7-figure income or 6-figure income. Success, it could be Valerie who’s a mother of 5 kids, being able to master time management between her children and her business. And she can now share this with people. Another member Leonora is a mother of 2 kids, and she does yoga and she’s a jewellery designer, and she can show the way to manage your life so that you can do more with less. Andrea who is a visual content strategist, teaches how to connect with more people through visual content. It’s beyond just numbers, that’s why we’re Soul Rich Woman. You have a Soul inside, and then you’re Rich on the outside, and then you are the Woman and you can impact lives. We want all our members to achieve our tagline: Health, wealth and happiness.

Find out more about Soul Rich Woman here.

Visit their Facebook page here and Youtube page here.

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