We Are All Berliners

“Ich bin ein Berliner.” – U.S President, John F. Kennedy – 1963

Themed bars are a dime a dozen these days, let alone in a cosmopolitan such as Kuala Lumpur. Nonetheless, who would think to find a watering hole that draws inspiration from the German capital of Berlin in tattered Chinatown?

“We chose the city of Berlin because she’s famously known around the world for her edginess as well as the freedom she gives to her people. That’s what we wanted for our patrons – we want them to be rid of any worries they may have at the door and truly be themselves while inside,” explains Natalie Kniese, one of the three co-owners of this enthused establishment.

The trio had the idea when they were travelling in the old city infamously known for a certain wall and felt completely accepted for who they were albeit being only a sixth German amongst the three of them (Natalie is the half-Berliner in the group).

“I am a citizen of Berlin.” – John F. Kennedy (1963)

“John F. Kennedy described Berlin the best during a trip he took to the city, when he said “I am a citizen of Berlin” and we decided to use it as our direction with our bar,” enlightens Natalie further. And what better location to emulate the inclusivity of the German city than in KL’s very own Chinatown, a melting pot renowned for its nattiness – arguably very much like Berlin herself.

Look for this yellow building to find the red door.

Bearing the quirkiness of the European city is the hidden nature of the bar – one has to find a bold red door to gain access to the establishment. However, once the door is found and opened, you would immediately feel the warmth of acceptance, as the quote “Ich bin ein Berliner” greets you in neon.

One of the most profound lines to adorn the walls of Berlin KL.

The essence of the artistic European city is further captured on the bar’s walls, where various street artists such as Kenji Chai filled them with their versions of the art of graffiti that Berlin city is celebrated for. Their spray paint jump out of the black walls, as warm red lighting envelope the entire place in a very nitty gritty experience.

The JFK is a sweet and silent killer while the Lustgarten is the bar’s best seller (L-R).

The perfect rendezvous spot for cocktails and conspiracies. The big red door is not meant to be easily found after all.

Berlin KL
208, Jalan Tun H S Lee
50000 Kuala Lumpur

Berlin KL’s Facebook here and Instagram here!

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