When in Japan, Walk

What better way to discover another side of Japan than to walk on its less-travelled path?

Anyone who has travelled to Japan will long to visit it again soon after the withdrawal symptom kicks in. And for those who have never set foot in the Land of the Rising Sun, it’s surely in the bucket list.

But have you ever wished to run away from the touristic crowd and explore the less visited parts of Japan? Well, now you can with Walk Japan.

Founded by Dr. Thomas Stanley and Prof. Richard Irving in 1992, the travel company specialises in tours that immerse visitors in Japanese society and culture, provide great insights into the country and its citizen, and often explore little-visited regions of Japan. After 25 years in operation, they have become the pioneer of off-the-beaten track tours of Japan, rightfully earning the recognition as “one of the 200 Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” by National Geographic.

Walk Japan offers private and custom tours tailored to customers’ interests and requirements, like these:

Kunisaki Retreat

Cleanse your mind, body and soul in the countryside of the Kunisaki Peninsula on Kyushu. Hidden away from the city life, not many people, including the Japanese, have heard of the place. The quiet retreat is covered with lush green forests and paddy fields interspersed with craggy mountains, leaving far behind the fast pace of city life.

Touinryo gallery.

Stay in a family-owned inn adjacent to one of the most simple and elegant Buddhist structures in Japan and start your morning with instructed meditation and yoga sessions before having a simple yet filling authentic Japanese breakfast.

A traditional Japanese breakfast.

Take the ancient pilgrimage trails and paths once used by monks and the locals while immersing in the amazing scenery of the Kunisaki Peninsula, picturesque village and the grounds of a long-gone temple complex. Relax yourself in onsen (thermal hot spring) bath set amidst a breath-taking view after a long journey.

Tranquil Fujiki Temple is a perfect place to meditate.

The tour also includes activities such as making soba (buckwheat noodles), ikebana (flower arranging), chado (tea ceremony) and Japanese taiko drumming.

Making soba noodles.
Chado or tea ceremony.

Snow Country Trek

If you are a winter lover, then look no further. Walk Japan offers a seven-day guided Snow Country Trek tour that takes you through Japan’s snow region, in one of the places which receives the heaviest snow in the world.

Wander in wonder through the frozen landscape.

Explore the snow-covered ground accessible only on foot using special snowshoes called kanjiki made from bamboo.

Special snowshoes or kanjiki.

Witness the outstanding Shinto shrine complex, an ancient wooden temples set against a spectacular view of the winter country in the northwest of Nagano, host of the 1998 Winter Olympics.

The Zuishinmon gate to Shinto shrine.

You can interact with locals from the farming village, meet a local bear hunter, and eat in a traditional bamboo leaf bento box. Walking through the trail blanketed with pure white snow might just induce feelings of being in a winter wonderland from a movie scene.

Izu Geo Trail

Located east of the Shizuoka Prefecture, the Izu Peninsula is considered one of the most unique geological areas on the Earth. Situated only 150 km away from Tokyo, Izu seems like a world away from the giant metropolises Japan is known for with its different landscape and surrounding. The great contrast between the places makes Izu a popular weekend getaway for Tokyoites and a seafood paradise for foodies. However, the great spot is still off the radar for many tourists.

The coastal walk promises you an unforgettable panorama.
Dip your feet in the cool water and feel the breeze on your skin.

In this tour, Walk Japan takes you through the peninsula’s east coast and mountainous central spine to its southernmost tip at Cape Irozaki before returning along the west coast to Shuzenji, an atmospheric onsen resort town. Luxuriate yourself in the open-air onsen located under a waterfall. The inn and its baths were featured in several Japanese films and television dramas for this unique factor.

Soak in the breath-taking view from the onsen.

In good weather and clear skies, visitors can even get a spectacular view of Mount Fuji from the peninsula’s western coast.

Picturesque Mount Fuji seen from Izu Peninsula.

These great tours are perfect for those who are physically fit and seek adventure while learning the rich culture and heritage of Japan. So pick your season, choose your destination and book your tour with Walk Japan now for one-of-a-kind travelling experience in Japan.

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