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Guys, we need to talk.

According to esync’s Dating Survey 2017, out of the 200 Malaysians surveyed, 65% – more than two-thirds – have not gone out in a date in the past month, despite using some form of dating app, or in some cases, more than one dating app.

You can find other interesting numbers in the infographics below:

esync thinks that this problem can be remedied by omitting one feature: chat. Yes, not addition, but subtraction.

By leaving chat out, users’ only means of communication is by actually meeting the person, and it also gets rid of most of the perils of online dating, which include love scams.

esync Founder Violet Lim sharing the survey results.

From the same people who brought you Lunch Actually, esync is another offering from the Lunch Actually Group, and is a hybrid between online dating app and offline matchmaking service.

It is a paid service with multiple subscription tiers, making it a barrier of entry for those just looking for a hump-n-dump.

However, if you’re looking for love, think of it as an… investment.

How it works is relatively simple:

  1. Download the mobile app, enter your details, and answer esync’s personality quiz
  2. Submit some paperwork to verify your details (another gate to thwart the less-committed)
  3. Once your profile is set up, you will be shown matches. Just state whether you’re interested to know this person further.
  4. If the other party is interested in you, esync’s consultants will contact you and arrange your date.
  5. Happily ever after (?).

For the subscription tiers, you get:

  • 2 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 18 months

However, within that subscription period, you can have an unlimited number of dates. You want to gun for eight dates in two months? Sure, go ahead.

On the far left, you have Desmarn, who is now in a relationship after using esync.
Then you have Fui Sia (second from left) and Siong Leong (second from right), who tied the knot recently, after meeting each other through esync.

What esync prides itself on is its focus on safety and privacy, and that comes back to the part where online chat is a deliberate omission. Using your information, esync can help you get one step closer to non-singlehood – by actually meeting face-to-face. None of that dilly-dallying and beating around the bush.

“Without wasting any time chatting online, you can move straight into face to face interaction. This is more effective if you want to get to know a person’s character,” says Violet Lim, CEO of esync.

So for those of you who are frustrated at the current selection of online dating apps in your quest of love, give esync a go.

For more information, visit esync online.

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