Unconventional Challenge a la Project Runway by Vinda Deluxe

It’s safe to say homegrown designer Nurita Harith passed the task with flying colours.

If you’re aware of the iconic fashion design reality show, which even had a local outfit, you would know that the unconventional challenge is the one episode dreaded by almost all the contestants. Premium tissue brand Vinda Deluxe took that route and posed the challenge of creating an unconventional wedding dress to designer Nurita Harith – renowned for her interesting silhouettes and draping techniques – who took it in stride. The condition? The dress must be entirely made of the strong yet soft Vinda Deluxe Tissue paper.

The participating bride was Shervyn Chua, who had been dating Anthony Wong for 11 years. The couple had always wanted a classy wedding, which had not materialised due to personal setbacks. Now, with Vinda Deluxe and Nurita Harith, that dream has become a reality.

In case you still have not guessed it, the wedding dress under Nurita Harith’s expert hands was a success. Thanks to the Knitted Fibre Technology of the tissues by Vinda Deluxe, the material turned out to be just like fabric, making it easy on the designer to create a magical wedding gown. She even added in the mesh effect for good measure.

Nurita Harith with her creation.

As for the bride, who walked down the aisle with her now-husband in the Vinda Deluxe by Nurita Harith wedding gown, to say she is in love with her dress would be an understatement.

“This experience is so much more than I could have imagined. It’s a real privilege to be wearing a Vinda Deluxe wedding gown and I can honestly say that no one else will ever have one like mine! Anthony and I are very honoured to have our wedding as part of the Vinda Deluxe launch in Malaysia.”

The happy couple.

Malaysians can catch some teaser snippets about the couple’s life and wedding wish now on the official Vinda Malaysia website, www.vinda.com.my/thewedding. The full video that will show the couple’s journey to their big day will be released on September 13, followed by behind-the- scene footages at the end of September which will allow a look into Nurita’s early sketches right up to Shervyn’s final fitting and finally, the transformation of Vinda Deluxe tissue into a dream wedding gown.

To experience the strength of Vinda Deluxe, grab a pack in select independent grocers and supermarkets nationwide. Consumers can also attempt at making fun, kid-friendly mini tissue wedding dresses at select locations from September 30 onwards.

For more information on Vinda Deluxe Tissues and the campaign activities, visit www.vinda.com.my or follow the Vinda Malaysia Facebook page, www.facebook.com/VindaTissueMalaysia. Also check out Nurita Harith and her other amazing creations here.

The Vinda Deluxe range of premium tissues.
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