5 Reasons To Stay In Hotel On The Park At Genting Highlands

Take a group trip to Hotel On The Park, Genting Highland’s latest to cater to families and squads.

Genting Highlands – a world for the daydreamers and of course, the thriller seekers. For those who have been to the magical land of Genting Highlands, you must have had heard of the Theme Park Hotel, or maybe even by its former name, Highlands Hotel. It was built in the 1970s and was also the oldest hotel at Resort World Genting. In 2013, the hotel closed its door along with the Genting Outdoor Theme Park to make way for the construction of the first 20th Century Fox World.

Now the mountain-top institution has reopened with a brand new name – Hotel on the Park – a nod to its proximity to the first-in-the-world 20th Century Fox World theme park. The newly refurbished hotel maintains its original building with the same number of rooms, and previously, each room housed two to three guests. On the contrary, with the hotel’s new concept all you see is not all you get, as it can now house more guests than before!

In case you’re still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why Hotel On The Park is where you need to stay when visiting Genting Highlands.

1. (S)quads Rooms

A weekend trip with your gang to Genting Highlands can now be so much more fun with the Quads Room option at Hotel On The Park. Imagine a fun-filled night of hitting the poker table, hot chocolate at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and exchanging ghost stories from under the sheets. Not sure about you but we’re sold.

Hotel On The Park Genting Highlands Quads Room
Two huge queen-sized bed for your entire squad. [Photo: Hotel On The Park]
Hotel On The Park Genting Highlands Quads Room
Minimalistic artwork on the wall spices up the mood (and it saves space too!) [Photo: Hotel On The Park]

2. Family-Friendly Options At Hotel On The Park

The Sixers Room now makes it much more convenient for families to plan a trip together and also stay together. No more headache of booking rooms side by side and shuffling between them for coffee, tea and family time.

Hotel On The Park Genting Highlands Sixers Room
3 queen-sized bed, a big yeay to the families! [Photo: Hotel On The Park]

3. Big, BIG Bathrooms

Call us fickle, but big bathrooms are always a plus in our books.

Hotel On The Park Genting Highlands Sixers Room
Bigger bathroom at the Sixers Room for more singers! [Photo: Hotel On The Park]

4. Location, Location, Location!

The elevated location of the hotel overlooks amazing landscaping work as well as lush jungle greenery.
Sidenote: Not all rooms may enjoy this view though.

Hotel On The Park Genting Highlands
The scenery of greenery.

5. Welcoming For All

Not forgetting the disabled-traveller, Hotel on the Park has two King’s Rooms for the special ones. That’s very thoughtful!

Hotel On The Park Genting Highlands King's Room
Bigger space and a bed specially designed for disabled travellers. [Photo: Hotel On The Park]
Hotel On The Park Genting Highlands King's Room
Spacious and convenient. [Photo: Hotel On The Park]
So, this may not come as a surprise but we’re so smitten with the hotel, we’re throwing in a sixth pointer to show you why Genting On The Park is on the league of its own after all.

6. Magical Lobby

Remember Alice – the girl from the classic Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, who fell down into a rabbit hole and at one point found everything to be bigger than her? Guess what, as soon as you walk into the hotel, you’ll feel the same. Except you won’t have to fall into any hole. There’s a gigantic bench enough for the whole family to sit on, a pillar of giant teacups stacked higgledy-piggledy all the way to the top, and the best part – a bank of trick mirrors ready to make you go nuts.

Hotel On The Park Genting Highlands
Gigantic teacups and the big bench. [Photo: Hotel On The Park]
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Hotel on the Park, Resort World Genting

Check-in time: 3.00 p.m.
Check-out time: 12.00 p.m.

Website: www.rwgenting.com/accommodation/hotels/Hotel-on-the-Park/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hotelontheparkgenting/


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