7 Sins of Seven Terraces Hotel in George Town

Have you ever walked into a hotel and thought “Gosh, this much beauty has to be a sin?” Well, in case you haven’t guessed where I’m going with this, Seven Terraces in George Town, Penang is indeed one of those hotels. Here are seven sins the boutique getaway by GTHH has committed in order to lure you in through its doors.

1. 19th Century Façade

A repurposed heritage building, Seven Terraces comprises a connecting row of Anglo-Chinese terrace houses located just behind the Goddess of Mercy Temple.

Seven Terraces George Town Heritage Hotels

2. Decadent Rooms

No two rooms are similar on the property, a testament to the hotel’s commitment to the boutique concept. While some rooms come with an extra open-air shower in the balcony, some are duplex with separate TV rooms upstairs.

Seven Terraces George Town Heritage Hotels

3. Lobby + Museum

Feel like checking into a museum at the reception, thanks to the wide variety of Peranakan artefacts showcased at the lobby area, from porcelain vases to antique mother-of-pearl furniture.

Seven Terraces George Town Heritage Hotels
Seven Terraces George Town Heritage Hotels

4. It’s all in the Details

Hidden gems appear at every turn in the hotel, all you need to do is just look for them. From architectural wonders to delicate statuettes, Seven Terraces is a portal into the Peranakan world.

Seven Terraces George Town Heritage Hotels

5. The Revolution of Giraffes

Commissioned by George Town Heritage + Hotels (GTHH) in conjunction with GTF2016, ‘The Revolution of Giraffes’ by Matthieu Robert-Ortis is an inspiring work of art that has found its home in the Seven Terraces’ courtyard.

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6. Picturesque Pool

Surrounded by lush, green plants, the blue serene rectangle of a pool invites you take a dip in its cool waters from the first glance.

7. Beautiful Breakfast

Exquisite food on elegant Peranakan-motif plates? Yes please!

We know by now you want to make a booking right away. To do that, simply head to the official website of George Town Heritage + Hotels, where you can take a look their other amazing selections of heritage getaways as well.

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