Meet Wilson Lee, the Man Behind HIIT2fit

Former national triathlete, Wilson Lee found his passion in HIIT training and decided to revolutionise the fitness industry with HIIT2fit.

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want a body like those runway models? We all do.

Nowadays, a lot of people go to the gym to bulk up and get rid of those extra layers to expose what’s underneath (and by underneath, I mean ripped abs). However, it’s shouldn’t always be about getting that desired composition of body. What’s more important is to live a healthy lifestyle.

According to Wilson Lee, the co-founder of HIIT2fit, there’s a need to balance between keeping in shape and staying fit when working out. “The most important muscle in our body is the heart. If you do the workouts right, you get ‘cut,’ you get toned and of course, you get fit”.

Wilson Lee HIIT2fit
Wilson Lee, Co-Founder of HIIT2fit.

Wilson began his journey in the sports arena during high school when he decided to swim. He then took a break halfway through and started working after graduating from university. Not very long after that, Wilson decided to get fit again.

In 2013, Wilson began joining triathlons. Finding himself enjoying triathlons more than swimming, he signed up for the national selection race and won, eventually securing his spot for the SEA Games.

Taking us through the journey, Wilson admits that it wasn’t easy. “I had a full-time job in an oil and gas company. Luckily, my boss was very understanding. During lunch, I went to the gym across the office and did HIIT workout on my own. After that, I grabbed a quick shower, had chicken rice and went back to my desk.”

During weekdays, apart from quick HIIT training during lunch hours, Wilson worked out two times a week with three sessions per day and three nights off. “I mean, it was literally breathing, training, working out, training, and working out again. But it was only because I wanted to do it and it wasn’t for anything else”.

Passion Makes Dreams Come True

Switching from a national triathlete to an entrepreneur cum HIIT training coach was not entirely easy and Wilson emphasises that it is his passion and love towards the concept and idea behind HIIT workout that drives him to share it with others. Sharing the common passion and dream, Wilson and his partner, Chrissy Kha Khrang who is also a former national triathlete and the other co-founder, decided to open their very own first boutique fitness centre.

Each athlete has their own different interests. For us, we like the concept behind HIIT. We found a lot of passion doing it in our training. That’s why we wanted to make it fun for others too.

Chrissy Kha Khrang HIIT2fit
Chrissy Kha Khrang, the other co-founder of HIIT2fit. [Photo: HIIT2fit]

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Wake Up and Take Control

Talking about the awareness of living a healthy lifestyle among Malaysians, Wilson stresses on the importance of taking good care of our own self and take control of whatever we decide to do. “Take baby steps, for example, at least 10 minutes walk three times a week, be committed and consistent”.

Wilson also recommends a balanced diet by not restricting yourselves to only steamed chicken breast and broccoli for five days a week but try to have a cheat day on the other two. “Just make smart decisions. You can go to a mamak restaurant. I go to mamak too but I don’t order maggi goreng ayam all the time. Try to opt for healthier options like nasi kandar with turkey breast or other non-oily menu”.

“Everyone wants to be fit and healthy, but the only person who can make that happen is yourself. Try to make it fun and don’t lose motivation. Keep searching for the fun in whatever you do to get fit”.

HIIT2fit is a boutique gym that incorporates latest fitness technology of heart rate tracking, lively music, and healthy lifestyle to ensure quality, high-performance training in a fun and engaging environment. HIIT2fit offers two signature classes – Lean (high energy indoor cycling) and Mean (HIIT circuit training). Wilson talked to us about HIIT2fit in detail and we featured the story on our Mont’ Kiara and Hartamas community site – Unplugged. Check out the article here. Also, take a peek here for our picks from Under Armour’s latest for an amazing workout.

HIIT2fit Mont Kiara
Lean Room (indoor cycling studio). [Photo: HIIT2fit]
HIIT2fit Mont Kiara
Mean Room (HIIT circuit training). [Photo: HIIT2fit]
*Feature image by HIIT2fit.

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