6 Surprises You Will Find at Alila Jakarta

Jakarta’s very own cosy nook for the laidback traveller in you.

Here’s a question running through your head right this minute: The biggest city in Southeast Asia has hundreds and hundreds of hotels with varying star count to choose from; so, why Alila Jakarta?

Well, the answer is alila, literally. Translating to ‘surprise’ in English, the Sanskrit word alila encapsulates the essence of the hotel – you are in for a surprise with every booking.

Alila Jakarta Two Roads Hospitality
Alila Jakarta is located along Jalan Pecenongan in downtown Jakarta.

At Alila Jakarta, expect to discover something new at every turn, either about the hotel, the city or even yourself. You may call it hard sell, I call it reality. Here are seven of my own Alila Moments that could also be yours – once you’re past the security check, smooth glass doors and smiling faces.

Discover Calm

Isn’t that what we consistently seek, if not at least during a holiday? It may be hard to imagine a swanky hotel in busy downtown Jakarta to not reflect the hustle and bustle of the city but then comes this hotel to prove us wrong. The spacious lobby and lounges provide that little downtime we need while still allowing us to be on the ball. The lounges are designed to achieve that perfect balance of work and pleasure, making them apt for both a quick business chat and a deep conversation with your loved ones. Go ahead and book that room with access to the Executive Lounge even if it’s a leisure trip – you’ll thank me later.

The calming lobby lounge.
Alila Jakarta Two Roads Hospitality
The Executive Lounge.

Discover Your Mind and Body

If there is a hotel spa equally as renowned as the hotel itself, it would not be farfetched to say it’s Spa Alila. Offering bespoke treatments that blend age-old healing techniques with curative recipes at almost every Alila property all over the world, Spa Alila promises sublime experiences that come as much from rich traditional skills as they do from the heart. At Alila Jakarta, offerings range from massages, reflexology and body treatments to wraps, feet care and hair therapies. Also, arguably the best Javanese massage in town!

Alila Jakarta Two Roads Hospitality
The legendary Spa Alila
Alila Jakarta Two Roads Hospitality
Tranquility awaits. (Photo: UPPRE)

Discover Self-Care

Another product unique to the Alila brand is Alila Living, the legendary line of self-care products available at almost all of the brand’s properties. Conceived in Bali, Indonesia using the most organic of materials, the line offers a variety of ‘green’ solutions such as the Indian Fig Finishing Cream, Avocado & Coconut Hair Smoothie and massage oils for all purposes. Due to significant demand, Alila Hotel & Resorts now offers these products and more exclusively on ShopAlila.com, allowing you to have a piece of Alila with you wherever you go.

Alila Jakarta Two Roads Hospitality
The Alila Living shelf.

Discover Simplicity

Alila Jakarta revels in its simplicity – from the minimalist lobby to a precise executive lounge, the hotel is proud of its design. The rooms are immaculately put together, catering to the every possible whim of urbanites seeking respite, effectively blurring the line between a business hotel and holiday retreat. Are they Insta-worthy? Yes. Will they put you to sleep in no time? Yes. At this hotel, there is no need for grand chandeliers or opulent carpeting to make guests feel at home, for that feeling is caught on from the staff.

Alila Jakarta Two Roads Hospitality
The Executive Suite.
Alila Jakarta Two Roads Hospitality
Incomparable views of downtown Jakarta from the Club Suite tub.

Discover Hospitality

Indonesia’s robust hospitality scene is captured at Alila Jakarta in its purest form. From the picturesque poolside to Buzz, the hotel’s fusion restaurant, genuine warmth emanates from the entire staff who tirelessly strive to ensure you an unforgettable stay. This earnestness embodied by the Alila family also stays true to the vision of the parent company, Two Roads Hospitality.

Alila Jakarta Two Roads Hospitality
Buzz at Alila Jakarta serves Indonesian fusion food at its finest.
Alila Jakarta Two Roads Hospitality
Catch amazing sunsets by the swimming pool, under the watchful eyes of the pool boy of course.

Discover Jakarta

Through the signature Alila Experiences, take a trip to various local gems ranging from bustling traditional eateries to Jakarta’s most famous antique market along Jalan Surabaya, the Pasar Barang Antik by simply walking up to the hotel’s front desk. Feeling a little adventurous beyond the brochure? Easily customise your day based on what you’re in the mood for. It’s that easy.

Alila Jakarta Two Roads Hospitality
You might encounter some ondel-ondel puppets when you take the Heritage Trail into the Old City.
Alila Jakarta Two Roads Hospitality
Include a trip to the Pasar Barang Antik for some amazing antique items you may have never seen before! (Photo: UPPRE)

Indeed, no two stays at Alila Jakarta will be the same, but they sure will be equally surprising. In a good way, of course.

For more information about this splendid property please head to the official site here and the Instagram here. For other equally amazing Alila hotels go here. Alternatively, to find out more about Two Roads Hospitality click here.

*Uncredited images by Alila Jakarta.

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