The Power of Teamwork

Canaan Enterprise

Charitable eatery Charlie’s Cafe and startup consultation agency Canaan Enterprise team up for a string of exciting workshops.

Popular American basketball player Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Albeit delivered in a lingo familiar to the sportsman, the message is clear – you can achieve wonders when you work together.

Case in point: the currently ongoing collaboration between social venture Charlie’s Cafe and startup consultation agency Canaan Enterprise.

Taman Desa darling Charlie’s Cafe is renowned in the area as well as beyond for all the charitable initiatives undertaken by the owners Sonny and Debra. Touted ‘The Real Charlie’s Angels,’ the husband and wife duo have organised various projects within their capacity to help the needy, including their very own business premise of paying-it-forward.

Now, they’ve taken it one step further by teaming up with another company that shares their vision of helping others at its core. Enter, Canaan Enterprise.

Canaan Enterprise
Canaan Enterprise

“Canaan Enterprise was founded with the vision as a Hub to connect budding entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and scale up,” says Jedidiah Alex Koh, one of the co-founders of the agency, the other being Aaron Han.

The collaboration between the two endeavours came to fruition when the founders of Canaan Enterprise met Sonny at Charlie’s Cafe and learnt about the amazing work the latter has been doing as a social enterprise restaurateur.

“(Sonny and us) shared the same vision to help the community and provide people looking to get into startup or entrepreneurship a place to learn and connect,” Jedidiah adds.

Canaan Enterprise

The first event organised as part of the partnership was the recently-concuded 10X Startup Profit Accelerate Workshop, which saw aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life showing up at the café to not only learn how to kickstart their own business but also be beneficial to the society at the same time.

“We (Charlie’s Cafe) are a great example of how passion can be turned into business yet be impactful to the community,” says Sonny regarding the workshop’s curious location – at the back of a busy cafe.

Moving forward, various more workshops by the consultation agency are scheduled to be held at the café.

“One upcoming workshop is on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY experience and IKIGAI Coaching Experience helping in December,” shares Jedidiah.

“And we will continue to have more collaborations with Charlie’s Cafe to build awareness of the impact of social enterprise and how we can help give others second chance in our businesses.”

For more information about Canaan Enterprise, please head to their Facebook page here. Meanwhile, Charlie’s Cafe can be reached here.

This story is part of an ongoing collaboration with Charlie’s Cafe to showcase the different aspects of the social enterprise F&B outlet. 

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