Daiyan Trisha Sends a Personal Message with “Kita Manusia”

Daiyan Trisha

Here to remind us that we all hurt the same is singer-actress Daiyan Trisha with her latest single “Kita Manusia.”

Literally meaning “We Are Human,” the piano-driven ballad highlights a serious issue plaguing a vast number of Malaysians: depression. Being a former victim of the condition herself, Daiyan aims to draw more attention to the problem through this new track, which she wrote as an avenue to betterment.

“When I was in that dark phase (depression), I felt alone and hopeless. Of course, my support system helped a lot, my friends and family were great but in all honesty, if I didn’t help myself, I don’t think anyone could. Writing “Kita Manusia” helped me get through, so I really hope this song will be able to help other people overcome their dark phases,” explains Daiyan.

As part of the single’s release, Daiyan and team also unveiled a social media campaign called ‘#KitaManusia’ to shed more light on the subject. Eight other artists and influencers have joined forces with Daiyan as part of the campaign, talking about their own ‘dark’ phases and ways they’ve overcome them.

In the months to come, Daiyan hopes to leverage on her song’s release as well as the social media campaign to do bigger things.

“With the song (having been launched) subsequently after the social media campaign, my team and I hope that we’ll be able to collaborate with NGOs, Ministry of Health or any corporations who would like to tackle this issue and make it a nationwide campaign,” she shares.

Daiyan Trisha

Apart from singing, Daiyan is also a renowned actress, having been in movies such as Girlfriend Kontrak and Aku Mahu Ke New York. Coming soon is Busker, a Malaysian take on musicals films.

“My character is the female lead, Vera – an excellent college student, daughter of a famous music composer, and she writes poems. I’d say Vera’s character and personality are almost 70% me (laughs).

“There are many elements of myself that I injected in my character, for example, I used my own personal journal for the movie, and the poems featured are my own writings as well as my sister’s. Busker is one of my favourite movies already, I can’t wait for it to be out,” she reveals.

A true creative artist, Daiyan has also written a new song called “Ingat,” which will be featured in the upcoming movie.

Fans of Daiyan can stay updated with her projects by following her on Instagram here while the ‘#KitaManusia’ campaign videos can be watched here.

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