Komune: The Future of Co-Sharing Spaces

Komune UOA Bangsar South

Swanky new co-sharing space in Bangsar South that wants to help you build your business.

In this era of freelancing and self-employment, work life could sometimes get mundane and uninspired. A solution if you’re stuck in a rut is by signing up for a co-working space, where you still get the buzz of an active working environment whilst being able to maintain your privacy at the same time.

Komune UOA

The Klang Valley has seen the rise of many non-traditional office spaces recently, a good indicator of the people’s interest in entrepreneurship and start-ups. Scattered all over the city – from Bangsar to Kelana Jaya – these co-working spaces often share the same basic features.

But what if there was a space that aimed to play a bigger role in your pursuit to achieve greater things by not just being an ordinary stopover but rather an inspiring business hub?

Introducing Komune, the cutting-edge workspace that is disrupting the serviced office industry with exciting ideas and understated charm.

Conveniently located in an 18,000-sq ft loft in the UOA Corporate Tower, the new hub is the perfect place for budding start-ups – the tower is one of the Designated Premises within the MSC Malaysia Cybercentre at Bangsar South. This means that if your company is of the MSC Malaysia status, you will get to enjoy the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees when you operate out of Komune.

Komune UOA
Komune UOA

This brings us to the various types of workspaces and amenities that you can find at the latest kid on the co-sharing block. Apart from the usual Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, Privates Offices, Phone Booth and high-speed internet (in this case by Time), Komune also provides some unique solutions for its members.

“Essentially we want to play the role of a supporting arm for our members,” says Kimberley Chong, the Community Manager of Komune. “We believe in the idea of ‘work hard, play hard’ and want to help new companies set up their company culture with our design and services.”

‘A Komune-ity to Help You Get Your Best Work Done’

Staying true its motto of ‘A Komune-ity to Help You Get Your Best Work Done,’ the co-sharing space offers a variety of flexible membership plans to fit different requirements and changing business needs. Furthermore, its spacious design is well-thought-out to promote productivity and encourage collaborations.

Komune UOA

“This is where we want to play a bigger role in our member’s ventures.  Using our vast space and our status as an establishment by UOA, we are able to tap into the pool of partners that we currently have to hold events that will be beneficial for our Komune family,” explains Kimberley.

In addition to being supportive of the members business-wise, Komune has also introduced a tool that it hopes would be more than just an in-house perk with the cashless Komune credit aka K$.

“It’s an in-house currency that members can use for anything on our premises, from booking meeting rooms and renting lockers to buying coffee at the on-site café by Botanica Deli,” says Kimberley.

“But with K$ we would also like to help business owners build a team culture, as the credit could be used as a rewarding system internally for the staff.”

Komune UOA
Komune UOA

In addition to the café inside its premises, Komune also offers an arcade for members to unwind as part of the ‘play hard’ portion. This gels perfectly with the co-sharing space, as it is also the home of Level Up KL, an initiative under MDEC to drive the growth of games industry in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. MDEC is a corporation under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia created to develop and promote Malaysia’s digital economy.

Apart from Level UP, other partners of Komune include GoCar, Zen Rooms and Honestbee. As an added benefit, the logos of these partners and other businesses that have taken up with the co-sharing space are advertised on the ‘Our Komune-ity’ board right by the reception as an added benefit. These partners’ marketing collaterals are also included in the care packs that are given out to new businesses that sign up with Komune for at least 3 months, alongside a t-shirt, a mug and lanyard for each staff.

“In the nearest future, our members would also be eligible for diverse discounts in retail, entertainment and fitness projects thanks to UOA,” Kimberley adds.

Komune UOA
Komune UOA

Signing up at Komune

Introductory rates (until 30 June 2018 depending on the occupancy):

  1. Daily Hotdesking – RM35/day (only 9 AM to 6 PM weekdays – without pantry access)
  2. Monthly Hotdesking – RM490/month + K$60
  3. Dedicated Desk – RM690/month + K$120 (a desk within a private room shared with other people)
  4. Private Office – RM890/month + K$120 (per desk)

Daily hotdeskers may only utilise Komune during office hours (9 AM to 6 PM) while monthly members are able to enter 24/7. The on-site café by Botanica Deli is closed on weekends. The centralised air-condition is available from 8.30 AM until 1 PM only on Saturdays and will be closed on Sundays.

Komune also offers added flexibility for private offices – the private air-conditioning hours can be shifted upon request.

For a limited time only, UPPRE & KOMUNE ARE OFFERING A 5-DAY FREE TRIAL of the co-sharing space. Simply email hello@komunecowork.com with the promo code UPPREATKOMUNE as the email subject and specify the following:

Mobile No:
Booking date:

The promo code is valid until 31 December 2017.

In the spirit of Komune-ity, ride-hailing service Grab is now offering RM8 off for 2 rides to/from Komune for Grabpay users with promo code GRAB2KOMUNE!

If you prefer the LRT instead, Komune is walking distance from the Kerinchi station.

We hope you have a great working experience at Komune!

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All images courtesy of Komune.

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