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Maker’s platform KakiDIY and The School at Jaya One are collaborating on an exciting weekend for budding inventors.

Unleash the inventor in you at the MakerLAB this weekend! The upcycling makerspace created by makers’ community KakiDIY encourages learning, creation, innovation and invention using readily-available resources, and takes shape this time around in collaboration with The School by Jaya One.

Johnson Lam Kaki DIY MakerLAB
A past event by KakiDIY.

Housed at the first floor of The School, the space will act as a hub, gathering creative, curious people who enjoy learning and sharing what they love to do. In the coming months, a succession of education and extracurricular programmes will also be conducted in the ‘lab,’ especially for children and youth of ages 6 to 16 to explore the topics in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Spearheaded by KakiDIY, a community leader on the Maker’s Movement in Malaysia, makers can carry out classes and workshops ranging from arts and craft, STEM, Coding, Electronics, Woodcrafts, Pottery, Sewing, 3D Printing and more in MakerLAB. The new addition at The School is equipped with classroom space, a workshop area, worktops, ample flooring, good lighting and ventilation. Additionally, the workshop area is furnished with electronic tools, handheld power tools and 3D printers.

This latest MakerLAB project by KakiDIY is a continuous effort by the platform to highlight the importance of upcycling in our culture. Apart from encouraging innovation and invention via the makerspace initiatives, Johnson has also started a new programme called Kaki Repair.

Johnson Lam Kaki DIY MakerLAB
Johnson Lam, the founder of KakiDIY and Kaki Repair.

“It is a movement where you actually let people teach you how to repair your things. For example, if you have something that is spoilt and you don’t know how to fix it, just bring it in during a Kaki Repair session and there will be community members who will diagnose the problem before repairing it alongside you. The motive of the programme is for you to actually learn to diagnose and repair your own items,” says Johnson Lam, the founder of KakiDIY and Kaki Repair.

Johnson Lam Kaki DIY MakerLAB
Johnson Lam Kaki DIY MakerLABKaki Repair’s activities.

This novel idea is just one of the many events organised by KakiDIY. The platform also works very closely with various multi-national companies to organise team-building activities to help staff members to foster a sense of belonging.

“Honestly, the best thing you can do is make something that is useful in your daily life. So, when people who work in offices for more than half of their life build something by themselves, there is a sense of achievement in that,” explains Johnson. Indeed, the positive outcome of building something on your own has been recognised by various industry heavyweights, including Axiata, Maxis, and Petronas.

“But it is also important to foster this awareness of upcycling and the curiosity to innovate since young. That’s why at KakiDIY we also organise a lot of events for children and we can make it fun to capture their attention,” Johnson reveals further.

Johnson Lam Kaki DIY MakerLAB
Paper crafts workshop.

MakerLAB at The School will be launched on 25th November 2017 as part of the inaugural KL Mini Maker Faire when approximately 80 booths showcasing maker’s exhibitions, maker’s retail products as well as workshops, amongst others will be held.

Taking into account the importance of starting young, the two-day festival will also feature a great deal of hands-on activities for budding and experienced makers, such as String Art, Tangram Puzzles, Slime Making, Origami Building, DIY Hologram, LED Throwies, Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame Making, Paper Helicopter Making and many more. There will also be a Demo and Drone Experience booth on the first floor of The School, Jaya One.

Johnson Lam Kaki DIY MakerLAB
A variety of events for children will be held at the KL Mini Maker Faire.

Additionally, attendees can look forward to a host of exciting workshops, most notably the Making of Storm Trooper Helmet, Lightsaber, 3D Printing, Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR), Soldering and Repair coached by the KakiDIY community. To further cultivate the younger generation in arts and science, there will be talks revolving around the theme of Science, Drone, Robots and Makers’ experience at the main stage.

For more information about the Maker LAB at The School in Jaya One, please head to the official site and social media accounts here and here.

Johnson Lam Kaki DIY MakerLAB

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