5 Charitable Homegrown Brands for You to Ease That Shopping Guilt

Fugeelah Fugee School Charitable Malaysian Brand

Have that retail therapy and a clear conscience too.

If there is one thing the festive season makes us do no matter our background, it is shop. It’s not just due to lack of willpower or peer pressure, it’s also the shops ganging up on us to make us buy things by offering irresistible discounts. Since that’s the case, why not still shop but contribute back to the society by picking homegrown brands with charitable initiatives? To inspire you to make conscious purchases this coming year, here are 5 local brands that provide you some retail therapy with a clear conscience.

1. FugeeLah

Fugeelah Fugee School Charitable Malaysian Brand
Photo: Fugeelah

Founded by philanthropist Deborah Henry in collaboration with Frankie Turner of Frankitas and Amy Blair of The Batik Boutique, Fugeelah is a self-sustaining initiative by Fugee School, a UNCHR-recognised non-profit school especially for refugee children. The brand Fugeelah was inspired by the song ‘Fugee la’ by The Fugees which also speaks about the lives of the refugee community.

A collection of accessories featuring print motifs designed by the students’ various cultures, Fugeelah showcases their unique life journeys and most importantly their talent. The children at Fugee School were coached in the arts of making beautiful accessories by both Frankitas and The Batik Boutique, culminating in accessories such as earrings and clutches that were made by the students themselves.

Fugeelah Fugee School Charitable Malaysian Brand
Photo: Fugeelah

The Fugeelah accessories and jewellery pieces are now available online at www.instagram.com/fugee_lah and www.facebook.com/frankitasbagandcluth. Alternatively, they can also be bought at the Frankitas Gallery in Damansara Heights, which is open on appointment basis at 017 378 7070.

*Featured image by Fugeelah.

2. Quench by The Hope Factory

Quench The Hope Factory Charitable Malaysian Brand
Photo: Redtick

The Hope Factory, a cause-prioritising entity by Selangor-native Tengku Munazirah Shah that combines social entrepreneurship principles and business principles, is creating awareness in six different areas of need in Malaysia with Quench, a 500ml mineral water bottle.

Purchase our bottles and make a difference today Hopefactorians! Won’t you like to put a smile on a child’s face to make him forget that he was ever a refugee? Won’t you like to see the homeless having homes? How about those who never get access to any type of education due to his or her illiteracy, their financial issues, their rights, or simply they just don’t know that they need it? Don’t you want to see our animals be saved and being adopted instead of being killed because no one can take care of them? These are some of the real issues that we are facing today not just in Malaysia but all around the globe. We should be lucky that there are STILL some people out there that care enough to care for those who needs it. Would you make a difference today? DM us for more details.

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Produced locally in its entirety, Quench is the first mineral water in Malaysia to give back its proceeds to areas of critical need. With every purchase of the mineral water bottles, 15% of the sales from the company will be accumulated and channelled back to the community in the areas of medical care, protection of children, education, hunger preventions and raising awareness of animal rights.

Head to www.shop.redtick.com/store/quench-awareness-mineral-water to get Quench delivered to you.

3. Baked KL

What started as a hobby of two sisters, Izi and Izza, quickly took the shape of Baked KL, a home-based online bakery in sharing their love for cookies, whoopie pies and brownies. Since their inception in 2011 with their mother’s tried and true recipes, the sisters have expanded their repertoire rapidly – their offerings have now come to include vegan and gluten-free options as well.

Baked KL’s mission is to plant and encourage empathy as they believe it is an important tool to understand issues happening in our community for social change. In line with their purpose, every year Baked KL chooses a beneficiary of their choice to whom 10% of total sales is donated. The chosen organisation this year is Women of Will, an organisation that aids disadvantaged women.

To enjoy Baked KL’s treats whilst donating, head to www.bakedkl.com.

4. Love Is

Did you know that skincare is important for your pets too? Recognising the significance of taking care of the overall welfare of one’s pet, Love Is – a homemade bath and body product brand by Primila Ganash – has produced a range of items that cater specifically for fur babies. That’s not to say they don’t make things for humans either, as their handcrafted bath bombs are the – for the lack of a better word – the bomb.

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Their products are developed with various allergy- and stress-induced skin conditions in mind, so that their offerings such as bubble bars and healing balms not only protect the skin but heal it as well. In addition to their dedication to skincare, their devotion to animals is reflected in the causes that they support, including the KL Pooch Rescue which runs an animal shelter facility.

Until the 24th December, Love Is can be found at the Main Boulevard in Publika Shopping Gallery.

5. Gerai OA

Gerai OA Charitable Malaysian Brand
Photo: Gerai OA Facebook

The Malay translation to mean Indigenous People’s Stall, Gerai OA is a volunteer-run nomadic stall selling crafts by the Orang Asal of Malaysia. Although the word stall is in the name, it is not exactly a physical stall but rather a mobile retail channel that make appearances wherever there is appreciation for the unique handicrafts of the marginalised indigenous people of the country.

The items sold by Gerai OA vary from clutches to baskets and are entirely handmade by the OA communities from many corners of Malaysia, including Gua Musang in Kelantan and Carey Island in Selangor. The best part? 100% of the sales monies is returned to the artisans themselves.

Gerai OA Charitable Malaysian Brand Shopping
Photo: Gerai OA Facebook

If you want to get your hands one of Gerai OA’s offerings – limited to one item per customer – simply send them a message on their Facebook page here.

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