Honestly, An Honest Christmas Party 2017

‘Eat, Pray and Love’ is not the only thing that went on at ” An Honest Christmas Party.” Here’s the breakdown of how to throw the most honest Christmas party of 2017only by An Honest Mistake Records.

It was far from a ‘Silent Night’ at The Bee, Publika last weekend as our homegrown rockstar band, An Honest Mistake set the stage to feature an impressive lineup of local acts encompassing the likes of Dragon Red, Army of Three, Ryöt Jones, SOAP, Back2Basixx and more.  It was a sensory overload at the venue as it was brightly lit with festive ambiance with spirits and joy running high. Kicking off at 2 pm and flowing well into the night, The Bee at Publika was where the love of friendships and the magic of a musical medley were witnessed.

Musical Medley By The Bests

Crowds were booming in and out as rising newcomers took on center stage with energetic playlists as the occasion called for it. There was not one standard genre as it ranged from soulful acoustic numbers to fist-pumping metal tracks. In short, there was something for everyone and it kept getting better as the day went on until the wee hours. Back2Basixx cast a sensual atmosphere with evergreen RnB covers with the twist of their own remixes. An Honest Mistake took on the stage shortly later with uplifting numbers which had the crowd on their feet.  There were also a number of international acts including Dakhari Drew from the UK, who garnered immense reception from the crowd. One of the favourites of the night was Ryöt Jones— a party of eight members with euphonious numbers in the likes of saxophones, electric guitar, trumpets and more that brought the party down towards the end of the night.

For The Love Of Denim

Levi's Malaysia
Levi’s Malaysia Custom Station and Gift Redemption Booth for #LiveInLevisMY

Being one of the main sponsors of the event, Levi’s Malaysia set the mood for the occasion as  ‘Denim’ was the theme of the party. Everyone was encouraged to turn up in their best denim assemble and it was truly a melange of pop-culture fashion at the party.There was a designated area for Levi’s art display-cum-booth for t-shirt printing. Also, the crowd magnet happened to be cute iron-on patches for customers to patch their own denim product or a T-shirt from the booth itself with the specified price.There were also denim pouches that were distributed for free for every selfie by the Levi’s Customisation Booth with the hashtag #AHMXmasParty and #LiveInLevisMY by tagging Levi’s Malaysia @levismy.

Cheers To The Year-end

 “Nectar all the way from heaven” was precisely described by Darren Teh, frontman of An Honest Mistake and host of the evening, referring to the booze provided Tiger Beer and Jameson Irish Whiskey. Two of the official sponsors, Tiger Beer and Jameson Irish Whiskey was provided throughout the evening just to make sure no one was left thirsty. Now, do you feel like you have missed out a tonne of fun already?

YOLO With Ink

tattoo services the bee publika
Tattoo Services by Shipwreck Tattoo at the party.

Live tattoo session was on the decks for the night for fellows tattoo lovers and it was exclusively done by the talented team of tattooist at Shipwreck Tattoo. Shipwreck Tattoo was taking on appointments prior the event, however, they were also happy to take in walk-ins because as they say, nothing beats a spur of the moment decision to get inked. Pain and needles seemed to be an unspoken theme as the event also featured piercing services by the professionals at the Attic Jewellery. Aside from their piercing services, they had an array of jewelry up for sale too.

Honest Takeaway

A get-together like this makes it worth it to make new music and inspire fans through melodies. This sentiment was shared by An Honest Mistake bassist, Tomas Tam, as he explained it was a matter of quality music that they put out there as well as setting a platform for other homegrown musicians to share their passion to the world. The night was a cocktail of pop culture where music, art, and fashion were fused together. Honestly, there could not be an any better way to celebrate life at the dusk of 2017 and to cheer on for the dawn of 2018.

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