18 Resolutions to Start 2018 Right

Friends of UPPRE share their resolutions for this new year.

New year, new resolutions. Some of us may be the type to have new resolutions each year, carefully picking them based on what we have achieved the year before and what we want to achieve during the coming year. Meanwhile, some of us may not believe in yearly resolutions, rather, setting our own personal goals when we want to or choosing to live one day at a time instead. Whichever is your preference, sometimes it’s good to be inspired by what people from all walks of life whom you come across may have in mind this year.

Here we have compiled 18 resolutions of friends of UPPRE and thrown in our own resolutions for good measure too.


Navin Daniel, Photographer, Videographer, and Band Roadie

“Help the indie scene. Coz like people need to know about the indie scene. There are good talents with original stuff out there. That’s what I’m trying to push because people need to know about these.”

Uncle John, Co-Founder of Limapulo

“In 2018, I want to take life easier 😉 ”

Alan Yun, Television Personality and Co-Founder of Limapulo

“This year I want good health and more wisdom from heaven.”

Dr. Yogesh, Dentist

“I want to dedicate more time to thoughtful reflection and planning, both professionally and personally.

To face challenge’s positively and to step beyond my comfort zone to achieved better result in my professional life.

To spend more time investing in relationships with the people that I care most about, from spending time with my parents, husband and family to reconnecting with friends that I lost touch

And finally, in 2018, I am committing myself to performing at least one random act of kindness every day. I’m a big believer in paying it forward, so my hope is that one random act of kindness might inspire many more.”

Sonny Wan, Accounts Manager and Bassist

“I would like to have a better work life balance and the chance to play more shows overseas.”

An Honest Mistake, Malaysian Band

Photo: Jasper Lawan

“We want to take AHM music to the next level. Never before heard, or seen from us; we are aiming for the stars in 2018. On the personal front, we vie to get to know each other better too, so that all of our cards are on the table and our goals are aligned where AHM is concerned.”

AD Bar, Medieval-Themed Bar in Bangsar

“Save water, drink more cocktail!”

Al Siew, Resident Barber at The Burrow

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“I want to be kinder to myself this year, with lots of self-care and learning to say ‘no’.”

JC Lim, Photographer and Owner of Kantabox Kamra

“This year I want to start building a house, detach myself from objects that I’ve collected throughout the years, simplify and minimalise.”

Kenny Loh, Photographer and Founder of the Born In Malaysia series

“I do not have a resolution per se but I just follow my heart in what I do professionally and make sure that I make time for some of the causes I believe in.”

Narrow Marrow, Café cum Art Space

“To organise more art-related events every week!”

Alvin Neoh, Co-Founder of Narrow Marrow

“To want more of less. And expressed.”

Ch’ng Huck Theng, Businessman and Artist

“No matter what is the outcome of the economy, I want to strive to achieve the very best in business. Also to create an arts platform to foster unity and harmony for all Malaysians.”

Johnson Lam, Founder of KakiDIY

Johnson Lam KakiDIY MakerLab

“I have 3 main resolutions this year:

  1. Take some time off and focus on myself, e.g. rest, self-enrichment, and rehabilitation
  2. Go for vacation to see cultures and people
  3. Train a successor”

Sonny Tuzan, Proprietor of Charlie’s Café

“My resolution in 2018 to make people fatter.”

Danny Mahes, Poet and Event Organiser

“This year I want to find ways to incorporate arts and culture into everyday lives. Bring the arts to the people!”

Auntie Wong, Part-Time Cleaner

I want to jalan-jalan more!

Uncle Rashid, Owner of Cowboy Mamak

In 2018 I want to improve my business further and be kinder to everyone around me.


Ian Ng, Manager (Creative and Social Media)

My resolution for 2018 is to work on a solo project; write and produce a 5-song EP. Will it be rap music? Dance music? R&B? Find out more in the next episode of Resolution: Ian!

Vimal Palasekaran, Associate Editor

My resolution in 2018 is to join more outdoor activities like hiking and camping!

Andrew Yew, Writer

Hmm. I honestly haven’t really thought about having a “resolution” per se.

(My opinion: you don’t need to tell people your resolution. Don’t publicise it – just shut up and get started, and let the results speak for themselves.)

This will be the closest thing to a “resolution” that I have: 2018 is just me carrying over and continuing my efforts from 2017.

I’m using the chorus from Des’ree’s “You Gotta Be” as a set of goals, slightly tweaked to have some personal branding all up in that jazz (of course you need to have some personal branding. Duh.):

Yew gotta be
Yew gotta be bad, Yew gotta be bold, Yew gotta be wiser
Yew gotta be hard, Yew gotta be tough, Yew gotta be stronger
Yew gotta be cool, Yew gotta be calm, Yew gotta stay together
All I know, all I know love will save the day

Basir Zainuddin, Writer

In this brand new year of 2018, my resolution is, first and foremost, to be a morning person, even during the weekends. Waking up early in the morning certainly has its own benefits and I would have more time to do house chores like cleaning the house and laundry, go for a jog, and even cook breakfast for my family.

Secondly, read more books. With the technology advancing at a rapid pace, we tend to look at our phones almost every minute, everywhere. Taking a break from the gadgets for once in a while and reading actual books will definitely give me a peace of mind and be good for my cognitive development.

Lastly, this year, I hope to be able to learn sign language. I’ve always been excited when it comes to learning new languages but sign language excites me the most. I hope, by acquiring the skill, I would be able to communicate with and reach out to more people, especially those who only speak sign language :’) Somehow, I hope to bridge the gap.

Kamini Jeyabalan, Graphic Designer

I’m looking forward to do some solo travelling to new places this year. Perhaps, I might start off by planning a short trip to Sabah or Sarawak as I have never been there before. Besides that, sharing more love to my family and friends but slightly more to my pets!

Shamrina Rose, Writer

I am working on being more vocal about my thoughts more than ever. Changes happen when you do – so in my case, I believe I should start speaking up when I see something that stirs things in me rather than keeping it to myself. When I read or hear something I like, I am going to acknowledge that and continue that conversation. In contrast, when I see or hear something I don’t necessarily approve off, I am going to voice out, have some empathy and try to see it from the flipside.

Timothy Anderson, Intern

Learn new things and go for more new adventures!

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