Finding Peter Hoe

Hidden at The Row are Peter Hoe’s enclaves – a wonderful cafe and a serendipitous bazaar. 

If there’s anything that everybody should know about The Row, it’s this – there is a surprise hidden at every corner, nook and cranny of the establishment. A variety of enterprises call The Row along Jalan Doraisamy their home, from quant art galleries to hip co-working spaces and exciting bars. There is even a bicycle shop for good measure.

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Also claiming The Row as its abode is Peter Hoe Café and Peter Hoe Evolution and Beyond, the eatery, boutique and homeware store founded by legendary artist Peter Hoe himself. Fans, art connoisseurs and simply frequent shoppers would remember the Peter Hoe outlets by their previous location in Lee Rubber Building along Jalan Tun HS Lee, another equally historical part of Kuala Lumpur.

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Previously separated as Peter Hoe Evolution – the destination for unique apparel – and Peter Hoe Beyond – where you can find anything and everything to craft a welcoming home – the new home at The Row combines the two, bringing to mind a Middle-Eastern bazaar while keeping the items sold uniquely Peter Hoe.

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Separated by a small connecting bridge is the Peter Hoe Café, which provides entrance to the store. Run by brothers Joshua Yap and Jeremy Yap, who are Peter’s nephews, the restaurant has taken a bigger space since moving to its current location in 2016. It is also a complete opposite of the shopping area, appearing airy and neat, with only touches of Peter Hoe in the décor.

Food-wise, the menu offers Western delicacies with an Asian twist, featuring an abundance of salads and pasta options for the health-geek in all of us. They’ve still retained the popular creamy quiches Peter Hoe café is renowned for, and that is something everybody must try when paying a visit. Although the food do fall on the pricier side of spectrum, the ambience and the convenience of being up to some shopping more than makes up for it.

Peter Hoe Café, and Peter Hoe Evolution and Beyond can be found via a staircase going up located next to Timbre.

Peter Hoe at The Row
56-1, 1st Floor,
The Row, Jalan Doraisamy,
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-334 7123
Evolution and Beyond is open 10am – 7pm daily
Café is open from 12pm to 4pm daily

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Featured image by Peter Hoe Cafe.


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