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Nobody stands alone. Not even rockstars.

There is a saying in the music industry that goes, “A band is only as good as its crew.” Well, even if it doesn’t go that way, it should. As we geek over a band or an artist, it’s easy to forget the people working behind the scene (and sometimes even in it) to make our favourite musical act shine the brightest. As part of our ongoing collaboration with local legends An Honest Mistake, we speak to Navin, the roadie and Sonny, the session bassist of the homegrown band.

Navin Daniel, Roadie

An Honest Mistake Navin Daniel

How long have you been working with An Honest Mistake?

I’ve been with them for 2 years now, handling both local and overseas performances.

What is your role when the band goes on tour?

Mainly, I help set up the drums and the amps. And while the band plays, I will create content for them via photography and videography. After the show I will do the post-event editing and put up the content on their social media. Since I freelance, I play the same role with other bands that I work with as well.

An Honest Mistake Navin Daniel

What happens when two of these bands have performances on the same day?

(Laughs) It has happened before. Well, it depends on each band’s priority. I will ask both parties what they need and then I will make my call. Mostly it depends on which band needs more from me. If they can manage on their own, it’s okay but if they can’t I’ll pick them.

Do you have any additional tasks when you go on tour with the band?

Yea, when they play overseas I have to do a video for them immediately on the next day after a show. Mainly with highlights of what happened the previous day. It’s like I wake up and immediately do a video.

An Honest Mistake
An Honest Mistake – local rockstars 10 years in the making. (Photo: Jasper Lawan)

What’s the best part about being a roadie for An Honest Mistake?

After working with a band for so long, it becomes personal. Working with AHM feels like working with family. Because you know everything about them, their stories, their lives. At this point it’s more than just work. But the best thing about working with the band is meeting new people and making connections. Our overseas trips are always very fun and that’s my favourite part.

Sonny Wan, Session Bassist

An Honest Mistake Sonny Wan

How long have you been with An Honest Mistake?

Give or take 2 years. I actually have another band called The End Is Nigh, but An Honest Mistake is slowly becoming my main band now. Also, I work full-time in advertising so it’s always a balancing act for me. But when they need me I always try my best to be there for them.

What is the most memorable experience that you have with the band?

One interesting show that we played in was Rock The World 13 and that was the first time that I personally played Rock The World. So that was a big thing for me because the stage was huge. I got to play with them and what happened was towards the last song, Darren asked me to swing my bass. And usually I can. But the thing is I normally swing my bass on a different type of bass which is a 4-string, not a 5-string. I had the 5-string on that day and it was heavy. So when I swung my bass, lo and behold, it flew across the stage. I was like wait a minute and I quickly ran over and picked it up. But turns out my cable had broken and the strap came off as well. It was embarrassing and worst of all it was captured on video and shared on social media. It’s one of those things that don’t usually happen but it did (laughs).

Photo: Navin Daniel

What do you like the most about An Honest Mistake?

I like the energy that I get from the band because I believe that when you play in a band, you should be a performer as well as a good musician. In the studio, you write good music together. So you don’t have to jump around and stuff like that. But when you’re out performing, you’re an entertainer. So you do need to give people their money’s worth. People spend time to come and see you. So you should show them at least something memorable.

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An Honest Mistake Darren Teh

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