#Throwback to Old Asia at The Muntri Twins

Muntri Mews and Muntri Grove offer a unique boutique hotel experience with a glimpse of Edwardian Era.

The only reason why I call them the Muntri twins is because of the fact that both of them, just like any other twins, they have certain similar features but definitely are not the same. In addition to that, literally, they belong to the same ‘family’, that is George Town Heritage & Hotels (GTHH), along with the other two siblings – Seven Terraces and Jawi Peranakan Mansion.

More than a year ago, we had the privilege to sit down with the man of a great vision – Christopher Ong, Founder and Managing Director of GTHH. This year, in collaboration with Big Blue Holidays, we were back again in Penang for 4 days 3 nights trip and yes, we stayed overnight in both Muntri Mews and Muntri Grove. Based on the experience, here are four reasons I think why you should consider the Muntri twins the next time you have a trip to Penang.

Penang, one of the most world-renowned holiday destinations, rich in cultural sights and natural scenery.

1. Strategic Demography

Muntri Grove (left) and Muntri Mews (right). Photo via George Town Heritage & Hotels.

Muntri Mews and Muntri Grove are both located at Muntri Street, George Town; one of the oldest streets and the first sub-divisions outside the original settlement that was bordered by Pitt Street. It was the first middle-class housing development built in the late 19th century sometime between 1880 and 1900. The road was named after the former Menteri (Minister) of Larut, Ngah Ibrahim, in which ‘Menteri’ was spelled as Muntri.

The tropical garden in the backyard of Muntri Grove.

The location is secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nonetheless, most of the tourist attractions such as Thean Hou Kong Temple, The Camera Museum, George Town Heritage Walk, Nasi Kandar Line Clear, and Penang Little India are within walking distance from the hotels. After walking around George Town during the day, you can easily have a quiet and peaceful rest at night at these hotels.

Here are some of the shots taken while we strolled around George Town.

Heritage buildings in Penang are part of the reason why George Town has a lot of old world charm.
Penang Little India – colourful neighborhood with dozens of shops and vendors for Indian clothing, jewellery and street food.
Walking is always the best way to explore George Town.

2. Unique Insight into Edwardian Era 

Muntri Grove was originally among the earliest double-storey houses built in the 19th century with low roofs, small living spaces, and only two rooms each unit. Photo via George Town Heritage & Hotels.

Muntri Mews and Muntri Grove have undergone a few phases of restoration process under the supervision of Chris Ong. Tracing back to its long history, Muntri Mews was once a communal parking for horse carriages while Muntri Grove was a row of 10 modest houses built as living quarters for workers serving the wealthy families of the grand houses of Muntri Street.

Formerly, the rooms downstairs at Muntri Mews were used to store the horse carriages.
The long verandah connecting the rooms upstairs had remained for the feel of communal living amongst the workers during that period. Photo via George Town Heritage Hotels.

Each hotel showcases a range of 19th-century architecture, integral to Penang’s history and heritage, with interiors which are hip and yet comfortable for today’s living. Upon restoration, the architectural framework was maintained as close to its original forms as possible with only minor additions to strengthen the structures as they are.

Rooms upstairs at Muntri Grove facing the scenery of greenery.

3. The Family-Friendly Muntri Mews

The Mews Residences – opposite Mews Cafe.

If you travel in a large group, Muntri Mews is a perfect choice. There are a few types of rooms available for you to choose to suit the number of occupancies. The smallest is the Mews Standard Room which can fit a small family of four (terms and conditions apply). The largest is Mews Residence 1 which is located in the building opposite the Mews Cafe and it can house a maximum of 20 occupancies.

Spacious, this Standard Room is suitable for a maximum of 3 occupancies.
Comfy lounge and sleeping area.
The view from the window, perfect spot to chill while breathing the fresh air.

4. A Romantic Getaway at Muntri Grove

Reception area with wooden stairs to the first floor.

Nestled at the corner of Muntri Street, Muntri Grove is catered to couples who want that little romantic experience all within the greater area of the George Town heritage site, offers a peaceful and pristine stay for you to enjoy while experiencing the unique ambiance of the Edwardian era. The whole feel of the terrace houses is one of the minimalist clean lines amidst the hidden lushness of an oasis in the city.

Tropical garden (left) and breakfast area (right).

There is only one type of room available which is the Deluxe King Rooms. In terms of interior design, the houses portray the blend of contemporary design with birds and plant motifs that give splashes of color to the rooms, bringing to life as a feel of tropical lush forests. The high ceilings lined with burnished recycled timbers gives warmth even as it blends smoothly with the botanical theme of the rooms. The floors on the ground floor rooms are made up of terrazzo tiles from the 1950’s, introducing a retro-feel to these rooms while the upstairs room floors are filled with timber.

Panoramic shot of the room.
Spacious Deluxe Room with the botanical theme and minimal, contemporary design.
A comfy lounge for coffee talk while breathing the fresh air from the window.

Outside the rooms, a lush greenery of urban landscaping made from its original gardens. Similarly, a tropical lush garden lies behind the row of houses as its backyard while old dragon jars lined up the whole length of the garden. In addition, you can find an elevated swimming pool and a breakfast area on the first floor occupying the space for the 10th house which was destroyed during World War II.

There is no way to experience serenity better than enjoying nature.
Your very own private swimming pool and yes, you can have a peek at the street over the walls too!

Staying at both Muntri Mews and Muntri Grove definitely gave me a new perspective on the heritage town of Penang. Since the rooms for both Muntri twins are quite limited, I would suggest you make the bookings right away or you’ll miss the opportunity to be awed by the gentrification at Muntri Mews and Muntri Grove.

Muntri Mews
77, Jalan Muntri, George Town, 10200 George Town.

Muntri Grove
127, 129, 131A – F, Lebuh Muntri, 10200 George Town.

Tel: 04-261 8888
Email: Booking@georgetownheritage.com
Website: www.georgetownheritage.com

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