#UPPRE 5 With Jasmine Sokko

The electronica artist who brings you visions of a dystopian future through her music.

Electronic music seems to be the genre du jour and riding the wave is Jasmine Sokko. Don’t mistake me though, unlike some who may be in it as an easy path to fame, Jasmine is an artist who really immerses herself in the electronica, with each offering coming from a place of truth.

Armed with a thirst for adventure, Jasmine draws inspiration from fashion, dystopian film cinematography and thriller novels, conveying her music with the sound of the concrete jungle of Singapore, the hyper-organised urban city where she hails from in the background.

Having amassed accolades aplenty both locally (in Singapore) and abroad, Jasmine now seeks world domination through music with her trusty visor and headgear at hand. To further get to know the chart-topping artist, we asked her 5 questions during her recent trip to Malaysia to perform at Raising The Bar by DCODE.

Where do you draw inspirations from?

I would like to think I take cues from everything I experience in life including different forms of art, such as dystopian films for music videos and fashion designers for outfits. Granted, I listen to a lot of music but sometimes I just try to translate what I feel about a movie/art piece into sound form.

Does Singapore play a part in your music?

A HUGE PART. I feel like most of the earlier songs I wrote were out of resistance towards the very systematic and rigid surrounding where everyone is expected to flow through the inertia river of school, graduation, corporate job, marriage and apartment etc. The whole ‘art is not a viable career’ saying from people around me makes me want to do it even more somehow. So YES Singapore pushed me a lot in wanting to pursue art.

Your song titles seem to be more on the unconventional side. How do you come to decide on such names?

Given that many aspects of the society are dictated by numbers; I thought having numbers as a recurring theme kind of transcends cultural barriers since it is arguably the most universal language. For instance, #0000FF is the hex code for the colour blue.

How does it feel to be endorsed by various local and international musicians, including Chainsmokers and Grimes?

Magically really. I mean I’ve caught both of them live and to have them notice my music in a sea is just insane. Grimes has been my muse for the longest period of time so it was very surreal getting validated from her.

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Do you manage your Instagram? Does it reflect your sound?

Yes and hopefully so. I feel that Jasmine Sokko is a narrative on her own and the way she views the world is just very colourless and dark in nature. The only time when there was some kind of colour was when she wore a VR set to stimulate another world and the colours were coming in the form of RGB which was reflected on the Instagram.]

Check out more of Jasmine’s sound and visuals on her Instagram and Facebook.

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