Creative Discoveries Turn Him On

There’s a new vlogger in town and no, there’s no skirt, no mascara, no eyeliner and no skimpy clothings with fake smiles to earn likes and shares. This is one authentic vlogger that is bucking the trend of young, slim and lipgloss-smogged influencers, males included.

Meet Julian Wong, a new guy on the vlog scene. He’s not your typical or atypical guy for that matter. He doesn’t sport sleek greasy hairdo and neither does he have a fancy name just for show. He comes as he is, tall, dark, handsome….ok, he’s tall, and he can be handsome.

Julian Wong in action.

Watching his vlogs makes you think or rather made me think, it looks fun and it does look like you can be a star doing it. But having gone on a trip to Penang with him last year, the very same weekend when the flooding storm hit the island, you know it’s real work behind and in front of the camera.

But I’m curious, why would a man, (really a man, not your little boys who try to play James Dean or Zac Efron), want to be in front of the camera when he’s rather proficient behind the camera and snipping them off like Spielberg and Coppola.

Is it the glittz? Could it be the glam? Is it because of people like Richard Branson who kept appearing to tell you it’s ok to break some rules just to chase your dream? Or could it be because of the steaming hot money vloggers and bloggers are making today that motivated him so?

Wonder no more. I have shot him some questions, some very candid and casual questions in hopes of getting real and true answers from him without the PR mills to churn bad english into the Queen’s natural mother tongue. And well what do you know, his answers came fast and furious, zero pun intended.

Sorting out his tools as we took a breather from the morning food excursion in Penang.

Why Vlog?

It’s mostly thanks to Youtube (among other video services) and the Internet which makes self-publishing possible. Vlogging is a rich and vibrant medium for self-expression, as compared to, say, writing (which I also enjoy)…but my generation grew up reading lots of book and using our imaginations to “fill in the gaps” compared to the younger generation these days who prefer graphic novels over books (I’m generalising a little here I know). But I think it’s a big, bright beautiful world out there and video/film is a perfect way to present it. A picture is, as they say, worth a thousand words. Video is sometimes worth even more.

I mean, at the stage of your life now, come to think of it, what stage are you at?

I’m at the “creative” and “discovery” stage of my life – been here most of my life actually. I like to maintain a wide-eyed wonder to the world around me. The more I learn, I learn that there’s so much more to learn. And that turns me on.

So, back to the question, why vlog at this stage of your life?

I’m actually late to the game. I wish I could have forced myself to get started earlier. Been wanting to do this for a while. Should have started 5 years ago but, hey…no regrets…time to stop whining and get going already.

From the first vlog, it was about food. The second, about a language?? So, what’s the direction?

Here’s the thing, I’m not 100% sure yet. I know some schools of thought say you should know where you’re going before you set out to sail – which is perfectly logical – but my reckoning is that you can’t steer a stationary boat either. I’m in the “get moving and make course adjustments as you go” camp. Which I much prefer than being in the “paralysis by analysis” camp. Having said that if I had to pick a direction or an overarching theme for my vlog, I guess the keyword would have to be ‘discovery’.

Like I said I think there’s a big, bright beautiful world out there and I just want to record my discoveries and share them with others. It doesn’t have to be something brand-spanking new, I’m not trying to find the next scoop and beat others to the punch per se, but if it’s new discovery to me and it inspires me, and presents an interesting angle to tell an interesting story, that’s enough for me.

How will you know if your vlog is heading in the right direction?

At the most simplistic level, I guess it’s by number of subscriptions, number of comments, number of likes, etc… those are undeniably the metrics by which YouTube operates, yes? Having said that, those things are out of my control. All I can do is to carry on telling stories that resonate with my current and future viewers and hope I can discover my natural audience in time, and that they can also hopefully discover me too!

The boring business world looks at targets and numbers as their metrics to measure how big their balls are….no, I mean how hot their business is. Do you have a target?

My immediate target is to generate 10,000 views across all my videos. Right now, I have about…. hold on… about 272 combined views across two videos, so yeah…. about 3% of goal achieved so far. But, hey, I’m on my way.

p/s: the vlogs have increased, so has the views.

He prefers candid and casual than premeditated recording.

What can we expect from your upcoming vlogs?

Some more interesting stories, hopefully. Most likely involving travel. And food. Generously garnished with my personal opinions. Possibly, other stuff too. But I guess the only way to find out for sure is to tune in to my YouTube channel or – even better – subscribe for the latest updates!! (I hope I’m doing this adequately like my marketing sifu taught me to…)

Who are you really? Julian the??? And you at Big Blue Holidays?

I am indeed from Big Blue Holidays. You knew that. Don’t pretend that you didn’t. You knew exactly where to find me. Just like I know where to find YOU. Remember that.

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Quite likely if Mr. Spock was real you would have him on your vlog, yes or no and why?

Mr. Spock the character or the actor playing him? Yes, to both instances. Of course, yes. So much to discover about either of them. Although in truth, I’m more of a Star Wars kinda guy. And, fwiw, I absolutely loved The Last Jedi (I hope that’s not going to cost me any viewers…)

If not Mr. Spock, who then?

Anybody except Trump or Najib, I guess

If one day Donald Trump and Najib Razak both agree to be on your vlog but their time clashes with each other, who will you to pick to feature and why?

Whoops. I pretty sure I answered this in my previous question already, haha. (Hint: I’ll only vlog with people I actually like or have an affinity towards.)

What’s the colour black to you?

Strength, beauty, Darth Vader…(Star Wars guy, remember?)

What is success to you?

To be exactly where God wants me to be right at this very moment.

Who’s the biggest racist you’ve ever met in your life and did you kill him?

So many names, so little space…how many column inches can you give me?

To go where no man has gone before or You will never walk alone?

To have and to enjoy the company of good friends along the journey with you is definitely more appealing to me. Joy shared is joy doubled, sorrow shared is sorrow halved. Or something like that lah. And let’s be honest, the only place where no man has truly gone before at this point is Mars. In which case, I’m officially interested – I’ve watched The Martian three times already. Brilliant movie. I love cinema.

Have a break, have a…..

…cup of good coffee. Because life is too short for lousy coffee.

John Travolta could have been a….

real Christian instead of a Scientologist?

Bionic Woman or Wonder Woman?

Which Wonder Woman, precisely? There’s more than one. Actually, you know what, the only Wonder Woman that really matters is already married to me. Which makes me – that’s right – Lucky Man.

Six Million Dollar Man or Iron Man?

Iron man, but only because I want a Jarvis of my own.

Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela?

Both. In the same vlog too, if possible.

If you could rule the world one day, what would you do/change?

Immediately start looking for a replacement ruler so I could quickly go back to shooting vlogs instead…

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