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Sapore Persiaran Ampang Chef Fabio Ruggiero

Italian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur may be aplenty, but there’s none like Sapore.

Tucked in the cosy street of Persiaran Ampang, Sapore is an Italian restaurant with a twist – it’s not entirely an Italian restaurant after all. Helmed by Chef Fabio Ruggiero of Marini’s on 57 fame, the restaurant serves crowd-favourite Italian-Spanish-Mediterranean dishes freshly made in the kitchen (no ready-made frozen fare here).

The brainchild of Chef Fabio who had always wanted to open a restaurant of his own, Sapore features an elegant, no-fuss interior that ultimately is reflective of the menu. A surfboard greets patrons with the specialty of the week as they enter while the furniture and wall art are kept simple on the inside.

Sapore Persiaran Ampang Chef Fabio Ruggiero
Sapore Persiaran Ampang Chef Fabio Ruggiero
Photo: UPPRE

Although Sapore prides on its Jamon Iberico and other porky offerings, the modern restaurant is beyond just that, with a wider range of options on the menu that are equally as good – all with Chef Fabio’s Italian touch. There are also surprise daily dishes to keep patrons on their toes, so be sure to check with the staff during your visit.

Sapore Persiaran Ampang Chef Fabio Ruggiero
Chef Fabio Ruggiero. (Photo: UPPRE)

Wondering what kind of specials you could be ordering? Here’s our top 3 picks from Sapore’s new arrivals and seasonal menu.

Pizza (New Arrival)
Sapore Persiaran Ampang Chef Fabio Ruggiero
Choose your own cold cut topping on the pizza! (Photo: Sapore)

With 5 different types of basic Italian classic pizzas to choose from: margherita pizza, prosciutto pizza, mushroom pizza, Neapolitan pizza, and, Italian and Spanish sausage pizza, Sapore uses only fresh mozzarella in their pizzas as opposed to the common counterpart to create a distinct flavour. Patrons could also choose their own cold cut toppings with a maximum of two choices from the restaurant’s cold cut list (except for the Jamon Iberico).

Pork Chop with White Wine (New Arrival)
Sapore Persiaran Ampang Chef Fabio Ruggiero
Pork Chop with White Wine. (Photo: Sapore)

Made with locally-sourced pork meat, Chef Fabio marinates the pork chop with paprika and seasoning before patting it with flour and pan-frying it. As for the delicious sauce that goes on top and around the pork chop, the chef uses white wine and butter to thicken it and make it aromatic. The sauce is then sprinkled with parsley and poured on the pork before serving.

Pork Iberico Burger (Special of the Day)
Pork Iberico Burger (Photo: Sapore)

Here’s more information about the Pork Iberico Burger from Chef Fabio himself:

“We use fresh Iberico pork shoulder minced all into an iberico pork patty. We give patrons the choice of refreshing pineapple or the funky mushrooms, followed by pork bacon, onion, mayonnaise, romaine lettuce and tomato slices. Our burger patty is made from premium pork patty to maintain the flavour and the tenderness of the meat.”

Is your mouth watering yet? Guess what, you can now make the pork burger at home too! Click here for the recipe!


Be sure to try out the recipe and let us know how it turns out! For more information about Sapore, head on to their site at www.sapore18my.com.

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*Featured image by UPPRE.

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