Making a Scene with Midnight Fusic

Teenage heartthrobs and alternative indie band Midnight Fusic is here to stay for the long run. 

Just fresh out of school but ready to take on the world, Midnight Fusic is made out of four extremely talented and ambitious teen heart-throbs:  Adrian Danial, the band’s lead guitarist, vocalist and frontman Raja Arif Aizuddin, Firdaus Azmi, who learned his craft watching YouTube videos, and Muaz Rabbani who picked up the drums right after joining the group.


We recently sat down with the group at Bowery, Publika for a casual session and Midnight Fusic was anything but just another teenage band. When asked when did they start performing, frontman Arif recalled that he started at the age of 16 — which (you believe it or not) was just 2 years ago. Sony Music recently signed them on just as they completed two singles “Heart of May” and “Lovesick”, which also have an anti-love theme to it. So, we wonder, why the sad love songs?

“Actually, it was part coincidence and partially intended because we were inspired by life experiences. Yes, we are just turning 18, however, most of us can relate to heartbreak and it isn’t fun. So, our music is our way of sharing our story with our fans but spun with catchy beats,” Arif says.

Midnight Fusic Lovesick
From L-R: Muaz Rabbani, Adrian Danial, Raja Arif Aizuddin, and Firdaus Azmi. (Photo: UPPRE)

Heart of May

The band first emerged with their debut single “Heart of May” in September 2017 which charted number 1 on the Hitz.FM Met 10 Charts — a huge deal for newcomers. This shows music interests sees no barrier regardless of experience or in this case, age. Midnight Fusic makes it up with their unfazed passion for music since young as well as their undeterred focus to keep getting better as they progress further. When most of us struggled to juggle tuition and school, they were juggling all that on top of practicing their music.

“Thinking back now, I wish I cut some slack and felt less pressured because I was studying so hard and beating myself up too much because school seemed like my only life,” Muaz said with a laugh as he explained how he was such a geek in school. Hard to believe but Midnight Fusic were just like us when we were in school. Between school and after-school futsal and Playstation sessions,  they spent their extra time focussing on creating new music and writing out new songs.

So, how was a typical day like for Midnight Fusic as a band?

“Just like our peers, we wake up, go to school, and meet up at Arif’s house for a jam session and then eat at our favorite restaurant Subang Ria. Even our parents or friends know where to find us because it’s always between those two places,” said Firdaus.

Midnight Fusic looks to English rock band The 1975 as inspiration for the music. (Photo: Midnight Fusic)

Parental Guidance Not-Advised

Speaking of parents, Midnight Fusic told us that their parents are very understanding and supportive when it comes to their career choices. All their parents were aware that they were very serious about their path as musicians, but also made sure they never strayed away from the importance of education. When asked about if they felt like they were missing out being regular teens without the obligations that come with musical careers, Arif had a very sensible explanation.

“Well, at times it does feel like its a lot to take in because so far our work has taken a whirlwind success. However, as to how we would feel like the other side is greener, one can say the same from the other side. There is always the brighter side of everything and I can speak for the rest of my band members that we are truly humbled and grateful for the experience and exposure thus far.”

Midnight Fusic Lovesick
Photo: UPPRE

Also, if you’re still wondering Fusic in Midnight Fusic does not stand for “fusion music” but rather the band’s love for food and music. Didn’t expect that, did you?

Catch Midnight Fusic live at Gaslight Cafe, Plaza Damansara on 10th of Feb, at 9 pm.

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*Featured image by Midnight Fusic.

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