Of Poignant Shadows and Wooden Windows

Solo art exhibition ‘Touched’ by Cheng Thak, Lui aims to touch your art and soul.

Popular Malaysian fine artist Cheng Thak, Lui is back with his latest solo exhibition entitled ‘Touched’. Renowned for his paintings documenting the architecture of buildings from heritage states like Penang, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur, the artist highlights the importance of preserving historical landscapes in the midst of rapid urbanisation through his artwork.

Touted as another milestone for Cheng Thak, ‘Touched’ places the focus on the sense of movement and shadow captured on traditional windows and archways.

“I always paint what I see and what I feel, and this time around I had the idea to paint something that emphasised the movement of shadows, deciding on tree leaves casting shadow on archway walls and windows. I used strokes and colour contrast to create a sense of movement, to allow viewers to hear and feel the blowing of wind,” explained Cheng Thak of the exhibition.

“Since my ‘Color Crazy’ show in 2013, I’ve begun emphasising more on using light and shadow of the leaves to create the effect of time passing. To get the leaf shadow effect, after I finish painting the wall and window, I place the painting on the wall and floor where the shadows fall, and experiment on ways to get the real effect of the shadows. I didn’t move away from the subject matter that I always paint – I’m still painting the archways, windows, heritage buildings, and urban scenes, only that the mood and feeling are different,” added the artist.

Hailing from Negeri Sembilan, Cheng Thak had also paid homage to disappearing occupations due to technology advancement in a previous solo showcase called ‘Timeless. “As an artist I am always concerned about our living places and the society, so sometimes I would like to make social commentaries via my artwork,” says Cheng Thak.

‘Touched’ the art exhibition – named by curator Winson Loh – is currently taking place at PINKGUY Gallery in Melawati Mall until 3rd February 2018. Find more information on the official website at www.pinkguy.com.my.

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