6 Reasons Why You Should Stay in M Boutique Station 18

Breathing a different vibe from its elder sibling, M Boutique Station 18 beckons in a monochromatic jazz style.

Although M Boutique Station 18 is of the same family of M Boutique Hotels, the whole concept and ambiance around the hotel are mostlyif not completelydifferent. Named after its location at Station 18, Pengkalan, the second sibling of the family is biggish yet maintaining the familiarity of its boutique hotel conceptsmall and intimate.

The exterior design wows the first impression with its signature thousands of doors surrounding the top of the hotel. The interior design at the lobby, on the other hand, is chic yet classy with comfy huge vintage sofa at the lounge. The layout of the interior furnishing is clean and simple with wooden flooring and big circular metal chandelier.

Thrilled yet? On top of all the above, here are 6 more reasons why you should stay in M Boutique Station 18 whenever you’re in Ipoh.

1. The Monochromatic Jazz Theme

If M Boutique Ipoh has bewitched me with its mind-blowing thematic floors, this one beckoned in monochromatic jazz with a stark contrast of white that showcases a kaleidoscope of this music genre. Inspire whilst listening to the sounds of smooth, funky jazz, the hotel showcases its latest home and lifestyle trendmonotone with a vintage twist.

‘Live Life In Mono’ as they call it, the rooms are decorated in singular colour that is predominant in their Jazz Tribute. Drawings from the shades of gray bring back the memories of Jazz Bars from yesteryears where the greats used to perform. What sets the monochromatic themes apart from the conventional hotel wisdom are the monkey cages which formerly utilised to store and lock hard liquor during the prohibition period, when Jazz was at its peak era.

2. The Bigger, The Better

Family Suite The King.

Different from its elder sibling, M Boutique Station 18 boasts better-sized rooms and quieter air conditioning in the efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. A total of 38 rooms are divided into 5 types of rooms; Family Suite The King, Family Suite The Queen, Premier Suite The King, Superior Suite The Queen/Twin, and Urban Cabin The King (no window).

The name could be a little confusing when first heard. Basically, ‘Suite’ refers to the size of the room (square metres) while King/Queen/Twin refers to the type of mattress. Depending on your budget, the price of these rooms ranges from RM175 – RM320 per night.

From left: Premier Suite The King, Urban Cabin The King, Superior Suite The Queen

The layout and size of the rooms are different for each type. Nonetheless, general room facilities include en suite bathroom with rain shower, 12-inch thick mattress, duck down plush top, dual density pillows, Bluetooth radio alarm clock, free shared Wi-Fi, in-room safety deposit box, LCD TV, minibar, and the best of allcomplimentary Old Town White Coffee sachets and a coffee maker machine*.

*selected type of rooms.

Spacious bathroom with rain shower

Family Suite The King
LCD TV and coffee maker machine in Family Suite.
Lounge area in Family Suite.
Other facilities which include in-room safety deposit box and Bluetooth radio alarm clock.

3. Every Corner Is Instagrammable

For active social media user especially Instagram, every part of the hotel is worthy of your feed. By every part, literally, I mean EVERY PART including the corridors, the lobby downstairs, and every corner of the room. Thanks to its creative monochromatic jazz theme with a playful twist of vintage style, the hotel now is getting more attention from the youngand the young-at-heartguests.

I mean, look at these pictures, don’t tell me you’re not going to take any shot here?

4. Shopping Made Possible 

Photo: journeybyira.blogspot.my

Although the location is secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s not completely disconnected from urban life. At a close proximity to the hotel is the first Aeon Shopping Mall ever built in Ipoh – Aeon Station 18. So, if you forgot to bring your toiletries, you know where you should head to.

5. Friendly Staff With Unique Nicknames

Living up to its motto “Comes As Strangers, Leaves As Friends”, the M Boutique Hotel team has taken excellent guest service to the next level by giving their staff unique nicknames. No, not ‘Shamrina-becomes-Sham’ or ‘Vimal-becomes-Vee’ kind of nicknames. They literally have Harry Potter, Mary Jane, and Tinkerbell in the house! Such a cool way to get closer to its guests, don’t you think?

6. The Tale of Two Boutiques

Feel like bringing home one of the items found in your room? Head to M Shop at the lobby to buy in-house products and more exclusive handcrafts ranging from home decorations, office stationery, plush cushions, gifts, apparel, caps, handmade organic soaps, scented candles to a wide selection of natural oils suitable for aromatherapy.

There you have it6 reasons why you should stay in M Boutique Station 18. Also, I previously shared our M-azing stay experience in M Boutique Ipoh during our trip to Ipoh recently. Read here.

M Boutique Station 18

15 – 23 Jalan Pengkalan Barat 35,
Taman Pengkalan Jaya, Station 18
31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Tel: 605 – 321 1666
Website: s18.mboutiquehotels.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mboutiquehotelstation18
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mymboutique

UPPRE expresses our heartfelt gratitude to M BOUTIQUE STATION 18 for making the writer’s Ipoh trip possible. 

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