Before She Pops: By Mum, For Mums

Before She Pops aims to make your motherhood a memorable journey.

Being pregnant could be confusing—sometimes anxious—especially for the first timer. How do you know which twinge is normal and which one isn’t, what to eat and what not to eat? All these can spoil the whole motherhood journey—and it’s nine months long kind of journey.

For Zuliana Zulkiflee Abbas, her decision to work from home during the last trimester made her thinking: “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could have pregnancy essentials delivered to me at home during this time?”. And that’s how Before She Pops—a subscription service that curates beautiful gift boxes filled with pregnancy essentials—was ‘born’.

It was soon after giving birth to her first daughter that Zuliana decided to leave her full-time job as a Green Building Consultant at a small firm. She then started the journey as a mompreneur after receiving full support from her husband and sister. After 3 months of planning, she launched Before She Pops in August 2017.

Pregnancy Essentials Delivered Straight To Your Door

Aiming to pamper mums-to-be, Before She Pops currently comes with 3 thoughtfully curated gift boxes; each caters to the different needs for 3 trimesters:

First trimester – Nausea Battle Kit

before she pops, motherhood, pregnancy essentials, maternity
Photo: Before She Pops

The first-trimester box is meant to help and comfort any queasiness. “A lot of women find that first trimester is very uncomfortable for them, where they feel extra tired from keep going to the bathroom. Even the smell that normally wouldn’t affect you, suddenly makes you feel very nauseous”, Zuliana said.

The essential products in the first-trimester box include morning wellness tea, SEA BAND Mama (drug-free morning sickness relieve, and glass tumbler with an infuser (for tea).

Second trimester – Bring on the Babymoon

before she pops, motherhood, pregnancy essentials, maternity

“This is the time where most of the time morning sickness has started to ease. Now that you got more energy, we find this is the perfect time to go on a’ babymoon’; something like a honeymoon before you have a little baby. This box is our customers’ favourite”, she further explained.

The pampering products in the box include body treatment oil (to prevent birth stretchmark), virgin coconut oil, travel compression socks, ZEN BLEND essential oil inhaler, and Coconut Rose body salt.

Third trimester – Ready to Pop

before she pops, motherhood, pregnancy essentials, maternity
Photo: Before She Pops

This box contains the essential products to prep an expecting mum—before she pops! “This one is our current best seller. We have a scented candle from MeeKa inside the box. I love their stuffs because they smell really nice.”

Other essentials include Raspberry Leaf Tea (for easy labouring), floral foot soak/bath salt (to help foot swelling), and jewellery dish.

The best part is all 3 boxes come with pregnancy milestone cards designed by TinyType.

Healthy and Safe

before she pops, motherhood, pregnancy essentials, maternity
before she pops, motherhood, pregnancy essentials, maternity

Zuliana is also particular about the safety of products put inside the curated boxes. Most of the products are organic and 100% safe to be used or consumed by pregnant mums.

“Most urban women are probably very into their job. They are probably too busy to go out to find their needs and do the research on their own, so we have done all the thinking for them”, Zuliana said.

An Iron Lady Running One-Man Show

before she pops, motherhood, pregnancy essentials, maternity

Being a mum with a newborn baby, running a startup business is definitely not an easy task. When asked about the biggest challenge she faces, she responded: “Time.”

“I find it difficult at the initial stage where I have to constantly juggle between my role as a mum for both my new babies (she refers her business as the new baby as well)”, Zuliana said. “Currently I do everything myself, from hand packing the boxes to deliveries. The orders are usually able to be shipped out within two to three working days. Luckily, our customers are very understanding”, she further explained.

She is also thankful for the endless support she receives from her husband and family members. “I depend on family first and foremost, so you can see my mother came in today to help me while I’m having the interview”, she said.

Zuliana emphasizes the importance of time management. Planning out the tasks need to be done the night before and sorting out priority is her secret to balancing between work and family affairs. “Of course, technology helps a lot in terms I get to do work on my phone. So I don’t have to be glued in front of my computer all the time, I can pretty much work from anywhere so it gives me the flexibility to balance everything”, she added.

“You Come First.”

before she pops, motherhood, pregnancy essentials, maternity, zuliana zulkiflee abbas

Zuliana believes that in order for a mum-to-be to be able to take care of her future baby, she has to take care of herself first. “Like they say when you’re on the airplane, you have to put the mask on yourself first before you can put it on your child, so you come first.”

When asked advice to the expecting dads, she replied before chuckled: “Get your wife these boxes, she will love you. My husband always jokes around that he should have gotten me similar boxes filled with these essentials while I was pregnant.”

By Mum, For Mums

before she pops, motherhood, pregnancy essentials, maternity, zuliana zulkiflee abbas

Every mother wants the best for her baby. However, most expecting parents, especially mums-to-be tend to neglect themselves. Zuliana ended the interview with a note to every expecting mum:

The journey towards motherhood and being a parent is just as important as the destination itself.

Before She Pops

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