Finding Your Life Partner the Shariah-Compliant Way connects you with fellow Muslims ready to get hitched.

31-year old Hanafi had been ready to tie the knot for a while. Unfortunately, finding the right one proved to be difficult – he was a successful professional with little time in his hands to actively go out seeking someone suitable. Meanwhile, Nurul (not her real name), was almost finishing her higher education and was open to settling down right after her studies. Little did they know that the matchmaker to bring them together would be a little startup site called

That is but one of many success stories that’s founder, Khairul Fadhli recounted to us during our recent visit to their office. “Want to know what the most impressive part of the story is? Hanafi was the first and only person Nurul ever responded to or spoke to in our portal. Hanafi found Nurul within the second month of his three-month premium membership and closed the account immediately,” he continued much to our admiration.

Mr. Khairul Fadhli found based on his own experience trying to find a spouse.

A Malaysian slang to mean ‘Until Heaven’, was started by Khairul Fadhli, an entrepreneur who did not want other fellow Muslims to go through the difficulties that he endured while looking for his own spouse.

“I was doing some research for an e-book that I was writing on relationships when I found that there were barely any online portals in Malaysia to help locals find other Muslims ready for marriage and not just to date. Matrimonial sites are quite common overseas but no so here. That’s when I decided to start,” explained Khairul.

The portal serves to introduce marriage-ready Muslim Malaysians with each other for them to take the immediate next step.

Since its inception two years ago, has aided in the union of many Muslim couples who truly wanted to say “I do”, mainly owing to the strict vetting process that the site’s team practices. Candidates who sign up to be included in the portal are thoroughly vetted, to the length of requiring their Facebook profile or photographs of their Identification Card (IC) when necessary. This is to ensure that only legitimate and serious hopefuls are allowed to be a part of

“Let’s say if a man had just finished high school without a job we will not approve his application to join our site. We have a stricter vetting policy for men as we do not want someone who is not serious about starting a family to have access to chatting with members of the opposite sex on our site,” elaborated Khairul. organises exclusive offline programmes for the Premium members.

The stricter vetting policy has allowed for a safer environment for female members, who make up more than half of the site’s demography. Although this skew in membership is readily admitted by Khairul, also makes it clear from the get-go that men with polygamous intentions are not allowed to join the site.

Members are urged to immediately speak with family members once they find a match on the site to proceed with wedding customs such as the asking ceremony and engagement. Chatting for too long on the site without taking any real actions is discouraged by Family members are allowed to open a profile on behalf of a candidate on the site, although that instance remains very low amongst the portals many members according to Khairul.

The activities include grooming sessions.

“Our most basic requirements that our members must comply with are to be 18 years old and above, Malaysian Muslim and sincerely have the intention and the capability of settling down. However, we take pride on the sense of safety that we provide to our members. For example, everyone on the site must clearly display their face so as to avoid any imposters,” Khairul detailed.

There are two types of accounts available to interested parties on the site: the Standard and the Premium. Although Standard account holders are able to view all other members of the opposite sex on the site, only Premium members are able to interact with each other, and eventually become one of the many feathers in’s cap. Membership prices prove to be quite competitive, with the RM30 package for a month, RM50 for 3 months, RM100 for a year and RM150 for 2 years.

The matrimonial site also organises charity events like the Freemarket for the general public.

So what happens to the rest of your membership if you find THE ONE two weeks in?

“We allow our members to transfer the remainder of their plan to another person, be it their friend or family member as we don’t want to discourage anyone from signing up to our Premium programme,” Khairul stated.

 The tremendous success that is experiencing has also brought forth queries from excluded parties such as non-Malaysian Muslims in the country or around the region as well as non-Muslims in general as to will they be given a chance to be a part of the site as well; a request which Khairul is not able to accommodate at the moment.

“As we are still new, we need to focus on our niche market first before we do anything bigger. Insya-Allah we will cater to the requests in the nearest future,” he assured. has a strict screening policy to ensure that all its members are ready for marriage.
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