Grubbing Groceries is The Eco-Conscious Way Forward

Grub Cycle Malaysia Redza Shahid

Since 2016, Grub Cycle saved three tonnes of food and made us save almost RM 30,000. Grub Cycle is ‘woke’ when it comes to food waste management, and they are here to wake you up too. 

At GrubCycle, the rules are simple— they acquire surplus food from their partnering grocery stores, and they make it available for purchase for consumers at a reasonable price. Grub Cycle is the brainchild of Redza Shahid and three other co-founders who all shared their passion for social enterprise. From friendship to a  partnership, Redza and his team realized a marked difference in food wastage amongst Malaysian’s whereby statistics revealed that Malaysians waste a whopping 15 tonnes of food per day! According to Redza, education is an initial field which the team decided to venture into, however, due to its various verticals and challenges, the team decided to put that on hold. However, at Grub Cycle, the DNA of the startup has education aspect to it whereby the business model includes educating the consumer on food waste as well as raising awareness on reducing food waste, starting from your household.

Grub Cycle Malaysia Redza Shahid
Few samples of surplus goodies from Grub Cycle’s partnering grocers

Grub Cycle was started in 2016 as a social enterprise that is solely focused on reducing food wastage. Redza and team went through the MaGIC Social Enterprise Accelerator programme in 2016, which then brought GrubCycle open for business via their Facebook and Instagram handles. As interesting as the concept is, we wonder, why isn’t any more homegrown companies adopting this model?

” I think they are afraid to take the risk because there is always a risk of food health and safety issue, there’s a risk of doing something new in the market where you’re afraid that people might not accept. But with Grub Cycle, we believe in educating the public about surplus products and the myth surrounding expiration dates,” says Redza in conviction.

Grub Cycle Malaysia Redza Shahid
Till date, Grub Cycle saved up 3 tonnes of food, which is enough to feed 2.2 million people, with three meals per day.

He also pointed out that Grub Cycle encourages consumers to buy what they need (owing to our reasonable price), instead of buying their grocery in bulk. It isn’t always business and transactions and that’s where GrubCycle comes into play as a strong contender in social enterprise.  

Grub Cycle Malaysia Redza Shahid
Some of the products sold at an unbeatable price (Photo: Grub Cycle Facebook page)

Waste management made easy, Grub Cycle also helps us save major bucks—  according to Redza, here’s a simple example how:

“In the early days, we sold Coco Crunch without the box and called it a “naked” Coco Crunch. We sold at a mere RM 5 when the market price is RM 30. A bold move but we were confident that our customers know that it’s completely okay as long as the condition is just as good as new.”

Redza also mentioned about the second vertical of Grub Cycle that is their Grub Cycle Homemade. Aptly dubbed, surplus food such as fruits and vegetables are turned into jams and chutneys to further preserve the goodness, and these are put up for sale too. Without a doubt, these are also priced modestly and it catapulted the next plan-in-action that is for Grub Cycle to go mobile.

“One of next launch is Grub Mobile; which is essentially making our business, mobile, especially targeting low-income community with zero delivery cost. In this challenging economic climate, Grub Mobile aims to keep quality food accessible for those in the low-income community without having them break the bank,” says Redza.

Grub Cycle Malaysia Redza Shahid
One of their quirky post about food (Photo: Grub Cycle Facebook page)

Redza describes Grub Cycle as an urban brand especially with their presence in social media. He keeps things fun and interactive by producing thematic newsletter as well as creating video content in the realms of entertainment as well as educational. One of his favorite videos is sharing Grub Cycle tips “How to Eat an Apple the Right Way”, and trust us when we say, we are ‘woke’ now.

Get to know GrubCycle and founder Redza Shahid through our new rendition of UPPRE 5 listed below. And for more information, please follow Grub Cycle here, and do check out similar stories about fascinating personalities like Redza Shahid we have curated for you, here!

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