Hammering Healthy Eating at Gavel

For healthier versions of your favourite comfort food.

It’s an exciting time for Jalan Doraisamy and the surrounding neighbourhood – the landscape is seeing an unprecedented growth of new cafes, restaurants and hotels, each competing to outdo the one before. Long gone are the days when Jalan Doraisamy was synonymous with raucous nightlife and gang fights; the area is now almost unrecognisable – I say almost because some good parts of the street are still around, such as the cult famous sup tulang.

The latest eatery to put down roots nearby Jalan Doraisamy is Gavel Coffee Kitchen Craft Beers or simply Gavel for short, a dining spot that emphasises on healthier comfort food options that don’t sacrifice taste. Located along Jalan Yap Ah Shak, the restaurant is only a stone’s throw away from the architectural marvel that is Hotel Stripes KL and of course The Row, the new face of Jalan Doraisamy.

Open at 8am, Gavel opens bright and early to provide the breakfast crowd with a healthy nutritional meal before they start their day. The menu is simple yet appealing – picking only crowd-favourites and trendy items to serve. Must-haves include the Pancakes with Banana, Mixed Berries & Honey Whipped Butter, and the Southern Fried Chicken on Salted Fish Pickle & Spike Coleslaw, which is a fusion of North American and South Indian elements.

Healthy poke bowls are on the menu at Gavel as well.

Wash down the delicious meals with Gavel’s specially curated selection of craft beers, as well as unique cocktails whipped up by bartender Joseph. Irish coffee is also served here, for that quick pick-me-up we all need once in a while.

Bartender Joseph with his Irish Coffee creation.

For more information, head to Gavel’s official Facebook page here.

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