#UPPRE5 with Sharul Channa

The Singaporean stand-up comic who captures hearts and tickles the funny bone by being foul.

Continuing the celebration of International Women’s Month, UPPRE spoke to Sharul Channa, the self-proclaimed ‘potty-mouth’ comedienne from Singapore during her Sharul Weds Sharul comedy tour which recently wrapped in Kuala Lumpur.

Were you always a funny child growing up?

My parents always say that I was a clown as a child. I made fun of slipping aunties instead of helping them up. I think I am a product of my environment. I was just very attentive to my family and relatives.

Growing up in an Indian household, were your parents the stereotypical strict type or the contrary? 

When my parents moved from India to Singapore, I saw both of them work hard to make a living and bring up their three daughters. My parents have given us three daughters the same advice – work hard in whichever profession you choose! When I was a little kid, I wrote in my primary school notebook “I would like to be a cobbler”. My parents were just proud that I got the spelling of ‘cobbler’ right.

Having been born in India then moving to Singapore as a few months old child, how does the island contribute to your brand of comedy?

I haven’t let the sanitized environment of my country get in the way of my comedy. Having said that, I am very good at delivering balanced viewpoints. All thanks to Singapore!

How do you respond to being regarded to as a South Asian role model?

I think it is important for South-Asians to realize that the arts is a viable career and I am trying to prove just that. I would like to represent my community, my country and my gender on the international stage.

It feels good when people say nice things to me or about me but I do realize that life is temporary and whatever time I share with people when on stage – I want them to be happy and remember me as someone who entertained if not educated them.

What is it like being married to a fellow comedian? Do you bounce off ideas off of each other?

It is a funny marriage for sure. We tend to laugh off a lot of our problems. Yes, we discuss ideas with each other but our voices in comedy are so different that it is interesting to hear a different point of view. If we both have been through the same experience, we write the same joke differently! The magic of perspectives.

Find more information on Sharul Channa and her upcoming performances her Facebook here.

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