Benjamin Yong of The Big Group Plays With Fire

The next time you burn your food, don’t feel bad—you have just utilised an ancient way of cooking.

Long before we had pots and pans, men and women knelt over fires and used what nature provided to put food on the table. This primitive style of cooking has still maintained and inspired many forms of cooking such as barbecues and grills which has won its place in the hearts of foodies everywhere.

Benjamin Yong Dave Pynt Burnt Ends
Benjamin and Dave Pynt of Burnt Ends.

Recently, Benjamin Yong, the Chief Eating Officer of The Big Group, visited Singapore in a bid to experience the various culinary experiences that are unique to Singapore. His trip to the island nation is well-documented in the “Where Foodies Meet” webseries and one of the episodes features a gastronomic trip to the down south at Burnt Ends by Chef Dave Pynt.

Benjamin Yong Dave Pynt Burnt Ends Blackmore Wagyu Steak
The Blackmore Wagyu Steak at Burnt Ends which Dave Pynt served Benjamin Yong.

A meat-lover and one who finds fascination in the primitive art of cooking with fire due to the “depth that it creates in meat”, Benjamin visited the modern Australian-style barbecue restaurant which has been selected for the prestigious ‘Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant Award’ to pick up a tip or two on modern barbecue from Owner and Head Chef Dave Pynt, who does “everything from vegetables, to seafood, to meat to poultry” at Burnt Ends.

Benjamin Yong Dave Pynt Burnt Ends
The signature oven at Burnt Ends which Dave uses for his barbecues at Burnt Ends.

In the video above, Benjamin and Dave Pynt discuss how to bring out the best flavours in dishes through the art of cooking with fire over an intriguing and premium barbecued dish like the Blackmore Beef and Leak, which Dave cooked in a generous amount of truffles.

This experience was documented in Episode 3 of ‘Where Foodies Meet’, a four-part series that is featured on Singapore Tourism Board’s Facebook page, starring Benjamin’s Yong exploring his passions for food in Singapore.

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*All images by Singapore Tourism Board.

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