Busy Bangsar’s Hidden Enclave

The truth is, Lorong Kurau is not that hidden anymore, but calling it so just feels right.

Located about 8 mins away from the hustle and bustle of Telawi, Lorong Kurau is a minute stretch of shoplots located deep in a Bangsar housing estate. Lined with beautiful trees and fronted by a small field, the restaurants along Lorong Kurau carry a certain vibe unique to them – either they are humble and nostalgic or just plain swanky.

This week let’s look at some of the past restaurants that called Lorong Kurau home, before discovering the outlets that are still operating there next week.

Mario & Luigi’s

An endeavour by The Big Group, Mario & Luigi served Western fare such as spaghetti and other types of pasta. The reception for the restaurant had always been divisive, with some reviewers praising the food while some others disliked the dishes. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed down soon after opening.

Will be missed for: The amazing wallpaper.

Pink Belly

With an entire menu focused on pork, you’d think it’d be a sure-win strategy especially in a neighbourhood like Bangsar. Nonetheless Pink Belly couldn’t hold ground in Lorong Kurau and bid adieu after operating for a couple of years.

Will be missed for: The pork ribs.

Mat Salleh

Started by two expats – one an engineer-turned-chef from France and the other from Australia – Mat Salleh was a homey restaurant that focused on authentic Australian meals and fusion French dishes. It also doubled as a bar but that was not enough to keep it going. The passion project closed down in the second quarter of 2017.

Will be missed for: Australian breakfasts.

Su’s Cakes for Kicks

What initially started as an online business for baker Su quickly transformed into two different physical stores, one in Fahrenheit 88 and the other at Lorong Kurau. Although being a crowd favourite among residents in the area, Su’s Cakes for Kicks closed their Lorong Kurau branch in August 2017.

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Will be missed for: The namesake for kicks.

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