#UPPRE5 with Siu Lim

You may think you know someone from their Youtube videos and Instagram profile. But, do you really?

Pilates instructor Siu Lim rose to prominence in 2017, when she posted a comedic yet heartfelt video of her telling her life story, one which involved polygamy and ultimately divorce 15,000 kilometres away from home. The mother of four has since found fame and also support from many others who either were in her predicament or are currently facing the same situation – the same women she aimed to reach out to when filming that 18-minute video.

It’ll soon be the 1-year anniversary of that life-changing recording and Siu Lim doesn’t seem to be slowing down; she is still making a change – no matter how big or small – wherever she goes. Trailing her in Mont Kiara for a day, her impact was obvious – many came up to her, either just to salam in acknowledgement or say a few words to her. Her friendly demeanour and easy smiles came in handy too, with each handshake strengthening her faith and every grin pure from the heart.

Watch Siu Lim’s coming out video of sorts below:

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