KATCH the (Sound)Waves

We lend the DALI KATCH our eyes and ears.

A portable speaker is handy when you’re out and about and you need a gadget to pump out those tunes you have in your devices, and they are almost always a step up in audio quality over the built-in speakers on your smartphone, notebook or tablet. More often than not, they look like well-designed pieces of furniture that look good when permanently positioned in your home as well.

Now, what if you aren’t just content with a step up? What if you’re looking at the top of the leaderboard, and won’t settle for anything less? A portable speaker that can deliver, and looks handsome doing it?

The DALI KATCH will get the job done, and some more.

The DALI KATCH comes in three colours: Green Moss, Cloud Gray, and Dark Shadow.

Acoustic Carry-on

A battery-powered Bluetooth speaker, the DALI (short for “Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries”) KATCH is a compact piece that you can tote anywhere you please. Its aluminium housing is light yet sturdy, and makes for a mighty stylish presence. First impressions: this is a looker.

Packed within the shell are a pair of 21mm soft-dome tweeters and a pair of aluminium woofers just shy of 9cm. There’s a set of each firing towards the front and rear, so it doesn’t matter how you place the KATCH, as you’re still getting consistent output.

The top of the KATCH features your requisite set of buttons: Power, Volume Up and Down, Bluetooth Release, and Sound Mode. A ring of four indicator lights around the Power button is your feedback channel, to let you know what Sound Mode is enabled (more on that later), and the amount of juice left.


Well Connected

Being a Bluetooth speaker, the KATCH easily connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones and notebook PCs; made even easier with NFC (near field communication). However, if your prefer going old-school, you can directly connect to the KATCH via its 3.5mm audio jack. A USB port allows you to charge your device, or to connect the KATCH to a Chromecast Audio, for you tech-savvy folks.

Furthermore, setting up the KATCH is a simple affair, if you use Bluetooth. If you want to go wired, you will have to source for your own cable. The KATCH has two Sound Modes, toggled by the Sound Mode Button – Clear and Warm. Clear goes for cleaner separation between the various instruments, while Warm seeks to blend everything, giving it a more pleasant feel.


Sonic Boom

We here at UPPRE have a diverse range of music that we listen to, and all of us agree on this: the KATCH performs at its absolute best when acoustic music pared down essentials is played. In particular, the guitar shines every pluck and twang offering a distinct warmth, while the vocals sound mellow and soothing, akin to walking across a calm river without distractions.

That’s not to say the KATCH can’t do other genres of music. We’ve tried metal, pop and EDM on the speaker, and they all sound great, but it’s hard to really separate the instruments and vocals from each other – there’s no distinct “oomph” that really pulls you in. Acoustic hits, though… Whoo!


Sound quality from the KATCH, to use my own description, crazy good, handily trouncing most audio gear that I’ve gone through in my lifetime. Then again, as the saying goes, you get what you’re paying for, and the KATCH costs a pretty penny (RM 2199 at the time of writing).

Oh, don’t worry about the usual cracks and distortions commonly associated with audio gear when you turn the volume to maximum, as the KATCH is more than able to pump out your jams with all cylinders fired up. With what it can dish out, you can fill a living hall with your music. In addition, it’s not piercing to the ears either, as we noticed that even when we approached the KATCH all up in its business, our ears weren’t worse for wear even at maximum volume.

Final Thoughts

Make no mistake, the DALI KATCH does not come cheap. However, for what you’re getting, this is perhaps the best portable offering in the market thus far. If you need a portable audio solution that doubles as a fashion statement, this is the one to get.

Interested in getting a DALI KATCH of your own? Head to the locally authorised dealer, RoyalTech’s listing on Lazada. Alternatively, head to the Maybank Treats Fair happening right now at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre to get your hands on the portable speaker and also enjoy some exclusive offers. Find he KATCH under Maudire Distribution Sdn Bhd at booth no. 44 in Hall 3.

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*All images by DALI.

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