3 Things to Know about Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki

Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki, Chef Nobu The Library

Before you head to The Library in The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur for a 4-course fine wagyu kaiseki meal, here are 3 things to know about the celebrated chef.

Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki hails from Osaka, bringing his love for authentic Japanese kaiseki ( traditional multi-technique, multicourse haute Japanese meal) to Singapore when he started his own kaiseki specialised restaurant called Ushidoki.

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We met Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki  (also affectionately called Chef Nobu—not to be confused with Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa of Nobu restaurants) at his recent and latest wagyu kaiseki showcase at The Library, in The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur.

Here are 3 things you should know about Chef Nobu and why you should not miss this opportunity to savour his creations!

Chef Nobu was a protégé of well-known Kyoto’s kaiseki idol, Teiichi Yuki.

Teiichi Yuki is renowned as the founder of the Kitcho group of restaurants, which is now spread across Japan in major cities. Him having spent time under the legendary Chef Yuki explains the finesse and creativity which goes into each one of his dishes that keeps making us coming back for more.

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He comes from a family of cooks.

Chef Nobu’s father used to own a sushi restaurant back in his hometown in Osaka and he began helping out at the tender age of 9, which also explains why his shari (sushi rice) dishes are absolutely fluffy and scrumptious. Since then, growing up amongst food on a daily basis has allowed his culinary interest and skills to grow to where they are today. His normal morning routine in Japan sees him discussing the freshest catch and choice cuts with fishmongers and butchers alike.

He has almost three decades of experience in the industry.

After perfecting the art of Japanese cuisine at his father’s restaurant and other well-known kaiseki restaurants in Japan, he opened his own restaurant in Osaka called Unshin. Highly acclaimed by local media and culinary experts, he ran the restaurant for another seven years. With a passion to share his culinary joys beyond Japanese shores, he forayed into Singapore, where he is now based.

Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki, Chef Nobu The Library
Roast wagyu beef and asparagus with miso vinaigrette and Yuzu herbs.
Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki, Chef Nobu The Library
Grilled wagyu beef served with soya sauce soil, edamame, sweet corn and mountain wasabi.
Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki, Chef Nobu The Library
Braised Wagyu Beef slow-cooked in sweet sukiyaki sauce, and topped with poached egg, shaven black truffles and mitsuba over steamed white rice.
Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki, Chef Nobu The Library
Olive oil ice cream with summer truffles.

Catch notable Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki’s exceptionally curated menu featuring a 4-course fine wagyu kaiseki meal at the Library at The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur till this 30th June for dinner! This 4-course dinner is priced at RM350 per person with an option of sake pairing at RM500 per person available for dinner (7pm-11pm). For more information and reservations, please call +603-2142 8000 or email dining@ritzcarlton.com.my.

If Japanese food is your thing, you may also want to  check out Kouzu, where Japanese cuisine even untraceable in Japan awaits.

The Library
Level 1, The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2142 8000

*All images by The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur.

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