#JomCool with Cool Kathira Raya

No, she’s not an up and coming popstar.

CoolBlog has launched their latest promotional drink, the Cool Kathira in conjunction with Ramadan and Hari Raya festivities. The limited edition beverage is only on sale for a short time only, from 16 May till 7 July 2018 and will be available at all CoolBlog kiosks and outlets nationwide.

Inspired by the Johor specialy, the Cool Kathira drink is prepared with pandan jelly, date Jelly (jeli kurma), as well as basil seeds (biji selasih).

coolblog, cool kathira, raya limited edition
#JomCool together with your friends and family this Ramadan month with CoolBlog’s limited edition beverage – Cool Kathira.

“Kathira drinks are very popular in Southern Malaysia, and as CoolBlog came from humble beginnings in Johor, this was a very logical step in offering these at our stores so that our customers can also enjoy this delicious beverage. This is one of the popular drinks sold during Ramadan in Malaysia, and is suited to many delicacies during the time of breaking fast,” said Keith Loh, CEO of CoolBlog Apps Sdn Bhd.

Keith continued “We always strive to bring the best local flavours and indulgence to our customers and the Cool Kathira is just that. The drink comes in CoolBlog’s limited edition bottle and fans can now enjoy the aromatic and refreshing drink anytime, and anywhere without worrying about accidentally making a mess.”

coolblog, cool kathira, raya limited edition
Keith Loh giving a speech at CoolBlog’s first flagship store located at Melawati Mall, Ampang.

What started as a kiosk-based dessert beverage brand has captivated the hearts of Malaysians by creatively infusing local and global flavours to create delectable ice blended and smoothie based creations. CoolBlog, as the international brand is known, is a Malaysian home-grown success story, introducing over 25 flavours of beverages and desserts with over 300 product variants.

The drink is priced at RM6.50 and will be available at all counters nationwide.

For more information, please log on to their Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/coolblog.my/

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