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emir hermono, good vibes festival, music producer, artist

His music is mostly about love and break-ups – and he likes it that way. 

Formerly known as The Shakes, Emir Hermono is an Indonesian-born producer and artist. He was brought up in West Papua before moving to Kuala Lumpur at the age of 14. Based in KL as of now, Emir has produced music for many of Malaysia’s biggest artists such as Malique, Altimet, and Kayda.

With his latest single having dropped earlier this year, safe for me to say that it’s never ‘Too Much’in fact, we actually can never get enoughof Emir Hermono. That being said, fans are expecting him as he will be performing on stage at Good Vibes Festival 2018 soon. It’s nothing new, though, as he has already performed there two years ago.

So, the question iswhat could be different with the set this time around?

It was a rainy evening when we met Emir Hermono last Wednesday, in search of the answer to the abovetogether with a few more questions.

emir hermono, good vibes festival, music producer, artist

Coming back this year to perform at a bigger stage, Emir expressed his gratitude to Good Vibes Festival for making it possible. “It’s a very sentimental moment for me to be performing this year because two years ago when I was performing there, I was playing a DJ setlike a smaller stage. This time around it’s kinda like a dream come true”, Emir said.

When asked about the possibility of Ariel Nayaka making another appearance this time, Emir replied: “I’m trying to get him to come down for Good Vibes Festival this year as well. He’ll be playing at We The Fest and it’s always the same time as Good Vibes.”

“When I was playing at Good Vibes (Festival) 2016, I asked him to come down and that was actually the first time we performed together. The following year, we performed together with Rayi Putra at We The Fest. This year, I’m playing at Good Vibes and he’s playing at We The Fest. Still, I’m trying to get him to come through. Yeah, still hoping”, he confided.

emir hermono, good vibes festival, music producer, artist

Emir released his album, 3 AM in Jakarta, in March last year. The album features Indonesian artists such as Ariel Nayaka, Novakane, NAJ, Arethusa, DJ CZA and Niska. Inspired by 5 AM in Toronto by Drake, he released the localised version; 3 AM in Jakarta.

“I was in the middle of remembering a story. When I was doing that, it was 3 AM in Jakarta and I was in Jakarta. And it’s a play of words. Drake has a song called 5 AM in Toronto. So, it was supposed to be localisedlike my own version of the story in Jakarta.”

When asked about what kind of story that could’ve struck his mind at 3 am, he responded: “It was a story about love. She was a girlheartbroken. She was kinda tipsy, almost drunk. It’s also about someone you shouldn’t have met in the past. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.”

Being a father of 2, Emir agreed that time management is the most crucial part of his life. “When I started making music, I was single. Of course, it was easier in the sense of me dividing the time. After having two kids. I can still kinda manage, but it’s just a lot tougher these days to divide time.”

As a married man, Emir does not find it hard at all to write about break-ups. “I don’t know. I hate making happy music. For some reasons, I find it easier to write depressing songs”, Emir explained laughingly.

What’s next?

Emir mentioned that he’d loved to collaborate with Alif from Sleeq after his successful collaboration with Sheila Majid. “Cause I think I have similar taste of music with him”, he said.

Internationally, Emir is looking forward to collaborating with Majid Jordan. “That’s why I’m happy about performing at Good Vibes because he’s also there. One of my favourite artists, so that’d be a dream if I get to be attached to that name even more than just performing together”, he further explained.

Other than that, fans can expect his new single, which is coming out in two weeks and another album by the end of the year.

emir hermono, good vibes festival, music producer, artist

In the meantime, don’t miss the chance to watch Emir Hermono perform live at Good Vibes Festival on 21 – 22 July 2018. Get your ticket here now!

Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep track of his projects!

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