5 Must-Try Food at the Ramadan Bazaars

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Try all these limited time offerings and worry about your diet later.

It’s the most favoured time of the year again when the food—somewhat—tastes better. And you know which food I’m referring to—the ones sold at Ramadan bazaars!

Every year during the fasting month, the lively Ramadan bazaars pop up in almost every part of the city, offering a huge variety of tantalising Malaysian dishes. You’ll find Malaysians—regardless of race and religion—flocking to these food havens in search for the yummiest street food. But, with so many options and limited stomach space, which food items should you look out for?

Here are the 5 common staples at Ramadan Bazaars that you should not miss trying (at least once) this Ramadan:

1. Murtabak

murtabak, ramadan bazaar, fasting, holy month

You can never go wrong with murtabak and this is the perfect time to satisfy your craving for it. Usually, murtabak is sold a lot cheaper during this month as there are many sellers at the Ramadan Bazaars. The murtabak is usually packed with finely chopped marinated chicken or beef meat wrapped in thin—sometimes crispy—flour dough. It is often eaten with pink onion pickle and side of curry.

2. Nasi Beriyani Johor

nasi briyani johor, nasi briyani gam, ayam masak merah, daging masak kicap, ramadan, bazaar, kuala lumpur

Nasi briyani is not alien to Malaysians. Favoured by many, nasi briyani is commonly found at mamak restaurants but during Ramadan, this staple can be easily found at any given Ramadan Bazaars. Nasi Briyani Johor is slightly different from the Indian-style, with less starchy rice used. Better yet, try the briyani gam with the meat cooked together with the rice. Definitely a drool-worthy option!

3. Laksa Telur Sarang

Who doesn’t love laksa? But Laksa Telur Sarang is not just another laksa, instead it comes with the addition of a nest-shaped omelette on top of the usual garnishing of slices of cucumber, pineapple, red onion, flaked fish and chilli padi for an extra kick. The laksa is believed to originate from Bandar Seri Botani, Ipoh, Perak, where it was initially sold on a food truck. After the positive response from customers, the owner opened a permanent home for the laksa at Cafe Setinggan Laksa Telur Goreng Bersarang. Now, this type of laksa can be found at almost any Ramadan bazaars.

4. Cucur Peneram

cucur peneram, denderam, peniaram, kuih muih, ramadan, bazaar

Inspired by an Indian snack called adhirasam, cucur peneram, denderam, or peniaram has now become one of the most popular kuih in Malaysia. Of course, it’s also a popular hit during Ramadan and Hari Raya season. This sweetmeat is a simpler version of adhirasam which only uses rice flour and gula melaka or palm sugar. The best cucur peneram should be crispy on the outside but soft inside.

5. Coconut Shake

coconut shake, beverages, ramadan, bazaar

Finally, shake away your hunger by drinking the coconut shake during berbuka puasa. The coconut drink with flesh is so refreshing and above all, it’s topped with ice-cream—you could never go wrong with coconut shake.

There you have it—5 food items you ‘die die’ must try. Which one is your favourite?

*All images by UPPRE.

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