5 Foodie Favourites in Wangsa Maju

Join us as we take you on a foodie adventure in and around Wangsa Maju.

Located to the north of Kuala Lumpur, Wangsa Maju has become an entertainment hub with a multitude of shopping malls, such as KL Festival City, Wangsa Walk, and AEON—offering a variety of entertainment options, including bowling, theatre, bookstore, and fitness centre. It is also home to plethora of food choices, from homemade pan mee to affordable Korean cuisine catered to the local students in the area. Residents in Wangsa Maju never have to worry about going hungry, as there are lots of restaurants and stalls here serving a wide range of cuisines, such as Malay, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Taiwanese, and many more.

With its increasing population in recent years due to more and more new condominiums and commercial buildings that are built in this area, we have decided to venture into what Wangsa Maju has to offer food-wise. Here’s a list of places you can go to whenever you are in Wangsa Maju for a foodie adventure.

Breakfast at Hayaki @ Platinum Walk

wangsa maju food trail

The Hayaki restaurant’s name may sound Japanese but it is not one in any sense of the word. Operating 24 hours a day, Hayaki is a convenient restaurant where you can enjoy authentic and traditional Kelantanese cuisine. Its signature dish is the Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik which is served with a grilled chicken drumstick, salted egg, crunchy keropok, and a variety of raw vegetables. Before you eat, remember to stir the blue-coloured rice with all the vegetables to enhance the taste and fragrance. The price for a plate of nasi kerabu is RM13.90 but you can opt for Set Jom Bajet which comes with free iced tea.

wangsa maju food trail
Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik.

If you are not a fan of nasi kerabu, they have plenty of other choices such as Nasi Ulam, Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kukus Hayaki, and Nasi Lemak Hayaki. From 5 am – 11 am, for only RM6.60 nett, you can also enjoy the Breakfast Set which consists of a variety of toasts and bihun goreng.

wangsa maju food trail
Breakfast Set.
wangsa maju food trail
Roti Meleleh.

If you still have space left, you should try their Mango Ice Rock—a sweet dessert made of real, fresh mangoes.

wangsa maju food trail
Mango Ice Rock.

Hayaki 24 Jam
87-G, Jalan Langkawi, Platinum Walk, 53000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-4142 2477

Brunch at Wahab’s Cendol 

wangsa maju food trail

Originally operating as a stall at pasar malam (night market), Wahab’s Cendol has now become a fully-fledged restaurant, offering a wide variety of cendol, ABC, and rojak. To our surprise, they have been operating for almost 30 years now! Given the reputation, we decided to quench our thirst with cendol before moving on with our lunch.

wangsa maju food trail

Patrons can enjoy delicious Cendol topped with different ingredients, including pulut, corn, red bean, tapai, cincau, ice cream, and durian, in a comfortable setting.

wangsa maju food trail
Pulut Cendol.
wangsa maju food trail
Rojak Biasa (standard).

If you feel like eating something heavy, they also sell nasi lemak, nasi ayam, laksa, and mee rebus. The restaurant is usually not crowded, probably because there is another outlet opened in a new commercial area not far from the main shop to cater to more diners. Pay them a visit and experience what the best cendol in town has to offer!

Wahab’s Cendol
43, Jalan Rampai Niaga 5, Sri Rampai Business Park, 53300 Sri Rampai, KL.
Tel: 016-252 8005

Lunch at Nasi Kak Wok Selera Wangsa Maju

I’ve heard about the name Nasi Kak Wok probably more than a hundred times since I moved to KL. Located 2 minutes from Wangsa Walk and within walking distance from LRT Sri Rampai is the famous Nasi Kak Wok Selera Wangsa Maju.

wangsa maju food trail

For some reason, at the time of writing the name of the restaurant has changed to Nasi Abe Iss. We were contemplating for a while about the name before we decided to just go in and ask the staff. According to them, they are still selling the same nasi Kak Wok and the staff members remain the same people, just that they are in the process of rebranding the name of the restaurant.

wangsa maju food trail

Nasi Kak Wok or Nasi Kak Wook traces its origins back to the late Mek Wook Hassan or “Kak Wook” who served her own special version of nasi berlauk at Kampung Lundang, Kota Baru, Kelantan.

wangsa maju food trail

Nasi Kak Wok is a special type of nasi berlauk where fluffy rice is scooped into a brown paper saturated with a creamy dalca ayam made with chicken pieces, chopped long beans and aubergine. The rice is also topped with bite-sized pieces of ayam goreng kunyit or turmeric fried chicken. Last but not least, the dish is completed by a spoonful of spicy sambal belacan. The simple dish makes a delicious meal that will have you asking for seconds.

The food here definitely lives up to the tagline, “Simply Kelantanlicious”. Their dalca ayam has a rich creamy taste that pairs well with the fluffy rice. Even their ayam goreng kunyit is well marinated and is perfectly fried to become juicy and tasty chunks.

Nasi Kak Wok Selera Wangsa Maju
19-1, Jalan Wangsa Delima 2A, Seksyen 5, 53300 Wangsa Maju, KL.
Tel: 019-955 8777

Dinner at Stiq

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If you are looking for hotel-quality meat dishes at affordable street-food pricing, you probably want to try Stiq. Located right beside Kaw Kaw Burger, Stiq (the colloquial Malay pronunciation for steak) started its operation in October 2017 at Section 2, Wangsa Maju. What makes their meat dishes so tantalisingly delicious and almost at par with the ones served in hotels is the way they pre-cook their meat in sous vide at their central kitchen before pan-grilling it at the restaurant upon customer’s order.

Sous vide cooking is usually reserved for those high-end hotel restaurants and such, hence to have it at Stiq is really something awesome and new! The technique of sous vide cooking relies on the superior ability of water to transfer heat to vacuum/sealed food, which is about 10 times more efficient than with air.

wangsa maju food trail

The price ranges from as low as RM16 all the way up to RM120. For some, it may be a little bit pricey but to steak lovers, they know that this price is actually way, way cheaper than that of the hotel restaurants. From grass fed striploins to wagyu, you are getting your money’s worth when you order your steak here.

Jalan 4/27a, Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-345 2844

Supper at Kaw Kaw Burger

wangsa maju food trail

If you still have any space left in your belly (as a foodie you should), then you should head to Kaw Kaw Burger to take a bite. After all, the burger stall is just right next to Stiq.

wangsa maju food trail

Options are aplenty with mostly unique gourmet burgers. Instead of trying their bestseller Permaisuri, we decided to try their Lamb Cheese Burger. The burger was kind of sloppy as expected of a good burger with just the right amount of sauces. Extra sauces are placed on tables if you would like to further drench your burgers in sauces. The homemade patties are twice as big and thick as the regular patties in the market, which is definitely fulfilling. Taste-wise, the burger is succulent and tasty—thanks to its tender and juicy homemade patties.

To ensure the freshness of the burgers, they grill patties that were made a couple of hours before and they are not kept for more than a day, with each burger only taking a minute and 25 seconds to make. The price is reasonable if not cheap but, come to think of it, it’s actually better than the ones in Mcdonald’s. Don’t @ me.

Kaw Kaw Burger
Jalan 4/27a, Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-627 6547

There you have it—a full day list of where to eat in Wangsa Maju. However, please note that this is not a definitive list as the area has a lot more food to offer!

Bon apetit!

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