Entier : Burgeoning With A Bigger Purpose

Entier Alila Bangsar

Enter Entier at Alila Bangsar for an exceptional nose-to-tail dining in their endeavour for an unapologetic French fare and find out how we liked our first escargot experience.

Entier enters the league of fine-dining scene in Klang Valley with accolades in French cuisine with just one honest purpose. This very purpose resonates with the total orchestration of the brand from the raw to refined masterpieces that it serves as it reaches the plate and you can’t help but wonder ‘how so?’.

Entier Alila Bangsar

Entier presents a wholesome experience for their patrons. As wholesome being the operative word, Entier is “complete” in French, and it is a great French fare, with the finesse and intricacies that Japanese cuisine demands. Confused? Entier is led by Japanese chef Masashi Horiuchi with over 20 years of experience, and he has curated a menu which celebrates the beauty of food.

Numbers Don’t Lie

We were started off with the comforts of warm and cosy house-baked bread that came with a healthy dollop of kombu butter which had a strong briny hint. To complement this we were also served with an amuse-bouche set comprising a refreshing gazpacho ‘bubble’ and petit four that seemed like a meaty potato ball.

Entier Alila Bangsar

The menu is interesting as it seems quite cryptic by the first glance as one would not comprehend the portion in comparison to the price. Upon inquiry, we were told that Entier’s dishes generally come in three sizes (unless stated) — cheapest being a starter size, then the main portion and the highest priced one as a sharing platter.

Entier Alila Bangsar
Snapshot of the menu that reflects the portion from the prices via the dot indication.

Are You Head or Tail?

Entier Alila Bangsar
Escargot that came in a bed of cardamoms and two different dipping sauces.

We decided to try something new that night and ordered the oxtail and the escargot as our starters. It was certainly a good first-time as we noticed two things. The main thing which stood out has got to be the presentation of the orders. As one liked to be caressed and loved, the escargot came in a generous amount of six croquettes which was much to our relief because potato makes everything better. Each bite was airy but also packed with fluffy mash and the meaty rigor of the escargot. For a rookie, we thought it was a pleasant start to the meal, however, it was pretty filling because of the potato mixture as well.

Entier Alila Bangsar
Oxtail consomme immersed in a rich broth served with a side of oxtail mantou bun.

Next was to tackle the oxtail. Once again, the exaggerated presentation was a great distraction from the bizarre thought of savouring an oxtail. It was served beautifully in a vessel filled with consomme in a rich concoction of beef broth that came with a side of a braised beef in soft mantou bun. The oxtail mantou bun was a hit for us however, we felt the consomme required an acquired taste and it was rather too strong for rookies.

The Main Leads

Next up were our mains and we were intrigued to see what Entier had in store for us as we transition from starter to the next scene. For this, we anticipated a luscious Salmon rendition which was deemed a favourite from the menu. Also, we picked Poitrin— a sumptuous take on lamb-belly Josper grilled with miso and herb.

Entier Alila Bangsar
Poitrin: Lamb-belly Josper grilled with miso and herb.

Entier Alila Bangsar

It is truly an understatement to say we were blown away by these dishes because thet were simply exceptional. The salmon was cooked in a confit that gave it a buttery texture. The lamb came in a big portion and is easily ordered as a sharing platter too and it was divine. We were stuffed to the rims as we came to our last bite but perked up as we saw the dessert menu because one can never be too full for dessert.

Final Bow

A wise person (may) have said that one does not simply skip a chocolate dessert. Holding this close to our hearts, we picked a chocolate dessert that is the Chocolate and Cardamom and the Lemon and Basil which is a lemon creme brulee.

Entier Alila Bangsar
Chocolate and Cardamom.

It was a showdown between these two because one stood out far more than the other. That being said, is it obvious and predictable that the chocolate number won our hearts? We love a good texture-rich dish which sets our sweet notes on a melody. The collaborative power of chocolate ganache, hazelnut feuilletine, salt chocolate snow and honey oat crumble captured our heart and soul that came in contrast with the creme brulee. We love a good creme brulee but the contrast of lemon and basil was strong and it did not feel like a flawless fusion of flavours in our taste palate. Nonetheless, it was still decent and we managed to finish it.

Entier Alila Bangsar
Lemon and Basil: Lemon creme brulee.

Off the beat, Entier may seem just like another new ‘IT’ spot to get your weekend started but when you actually take time to take in the experience, there is a sense of consistency that reflects from the food, location and overall ambiance of the place. UPPRE’s take on Entier is simple— Entier started us with a bird’s eye view of our glistening skyline, serenaded us with their wholesome gastronomical pleasures of odds and yums, and finally completed our evening with a long-lasting memory. Complete is Entier and fulfilled you will be.

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Level 41, Alila Bangsar No 58
Jalan Ang Seng, Brickfields
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel:  016-263 0596

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 6:30am – 10:30am
Sat-Sun: 6:30am – 11:00am (Breakfast)
Tue-Sun: 6:00pm – 11:00pm (Dinner)

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