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Jackal Chua of Metrics Global shares with us the secret to his success and what needs to change in the local ID scene.

Imagine yourself as a prospective home buyer. You come across pictures of a new development that you really like and you want to pay a visit to the sales gallery. When you do, you couldn’t help but fall in love with the show unit, as you project all the possibilities exemplified in the room onto your own dream home. Before you leave, you make the big decision, and sign those papers. Believe it or not, that’s the power of interior design—beyond attractive rebates and strategic location, the ID of the show room plays a major part in selling you that house.

Tapping into the ID segment of the property scene is Metrics Global, one of Malaysia’s leading interior design firms that specialises in sales galleries. From its humble beginnings as a production house under founder Michelle Yap’s management, to becoming Buildex Global, a formidable design firm and finally taking its current form as Metrics Global, the company has done it all.

A major driving force behind the success of Metrics Global is Jackal Chua, the company’s Managing Director. However, his relationship with the company was built many years ago, allowing for a perfect synergy in leadership.

“I first knew Michelle back when I was only a supplier for Buildex Global. After knowing me for years, she then decided to invite me over to become a partner in the company. I officially joined in 2011 and in 2012 we formed Metrics Global,” explains Jackal.

While Michelle runs around town getting clients for the company, Jackal runs the day to day operation of the firm, overseeing the design team as well as the suppliers. Although most of the heavyweight clients of theirs, including Hatten Group and LBS Bina Group, were already attached to the company during the Buildex Global era, under Jackal the firm was able to reach greater heights. Just in 2018 alone, the firm nabbed the 3 awards at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2018/2019 and more at the LEFONTI Awards 2018 held in Hong Kong.

Find out more about Jackal Chua and the future of Interior Design in Malaysia by watching the video above.

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